Homey Cloud Backup - (part of Homey Pro Backups subscription)

Due to my specific concern of passwords (possibly) being stored unencrypted:

Can you completely disable automatic back-ups (even the initial one!), but still make manual backups?

My plan would be to:

  1. Permanently disable automatic backups
  2. Temporarily remove passwords, make a manual backup, and then re-add passwords (whenever I want to make a backup…)

Can this work?

I am starting to feel like this thread offers nothing other then a place for people to complain about how unfair life is.

Some other smart home items allow back ups, some don’t, some ask you to pay for it some offer it for free, some are on the cloud, some are local, some are all of the above. However the options you have with Homey are :

You can either spend $1 for the convenience of backing up in the case the your Homey crashes. Or you can just spend time and manually re-add everything.

No one else forcing you to do anything, but please keep in mind that this is a community forum.

@AlexEbner have you contacted support?


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Yes i have contacted the support.
But there in no reaction on it. I think it hav the same root. Because the homey insights are not working. And the app export insinght is also not working. That all on an Homey pro.

I guess you have to realise that you cannot view homey as a consumer grade product made for the consumer market at the level of Apple or Amazon. It’s smth done by a small group of young people for a bunch of enthousiasts. They can’t provide you everything for free, in part because they aren’t making money on you in any other way like eg Amazon does.

And actually there’ve been a free backup app for a while now. (Here is the link, until Atom removes it:) https://homey.app/en-gb/app/nl.regoor.flowbackup/Flow-Backups/

The cloud backup is a good thing. It’s better to have this option rather not have it, right?

If you haven’t used the free backup app in the past may be you don’t need backup at all.

Its just a flow backup and its not compatible with FW 2.0 and above. So useless for majority of users.

Yes, you have definitely a point here.
I still don’t know myself if I need the back up feature.
The flows and overall home performance is rather unstable and I keep redoing the flows to achieve at least some stability

My Homey is pretty rock solid. Over 70 devices, full home automation (lights, heating, security, presence, garden watering, blinds, access to home… and Homey runs without problems. Its Homey Pro.


Activated the free App Store Homey+ trial for a test run of the new backup functionality.

Surprised to see that there was already a backup listed for November 21 (2019)…

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Guess that was around the time the first additons of the backup code to the firmware and Athom testing the cloud infrastructure. I would not dare to trust it as there have been several additons to fix fe zigbee and zwave backup and restore to the firmware.

Without asking the users if they are okay with uploading their data to the cloud? Surely not.

Yes, I had the same thought here.

But maybe it’s just a (display) bug? (no real backup?)

After I made my first real backup and checked that on https://homey.app/account/backups/ there was only 1 backup: that of today.

Ik wil terug van 5.0 naar 4.2 op Homey Pro.
Na de reset krijg ik de optie om een back-up uit te kiezen en terug te zetten.
4.2 staat er tussen. en die selecteer ik dan ook.
Maar als de restore klaar is heb ik gewoon weer 5.0 …

I just used the search function and came across this, it might help you How to rollback firmware from V 5.0 back to V 4.20

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Thanks Ton. It is updating now to 4.2 i hope.

But strange that the option Athom provides to set back an earlyer version does not work.

I personally think to remember that I have read somewhere, that AtHom indicates that once you’re on an experimental channel, you can’t go back to stable. Not sure whether this is for Apps only or also for firmware.

Not since the backup was introduced. You can turn off experimental feature off anytime.

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Hi I am a new Homey user and bought the Homey+ for backups.
I do not see the backup option in my mobile app ( homey version: 4.2.0
In my account unnder backups I do not see an option to start a backup.
I have read several posts and seen a video about the backup functionality, I understand that the backup functionality is stable from version 4.0, so whats wrong?

Hi Robert,
Welcome to the Community,
Did you Purchase a Homey+ subscription in the App (per Month) or online in the store?
If you log in it should be visible on the following page:

Only other thing I can think of if you didn’t login as Homey Owner to buy the option.
(fe as secondary account Manager or Guest)

A Homey’s last 7 backups are stored in the cloud. Backups are bound to the account of the Homey’s owner.

Thanks Geurt,

I was indeed not the owner, but a manager. I changed it and made a manually backup.


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