Homey Case Mod

I didn’t print for a while, so I needed to re-calibrate axis of the printer, not to mention clean the heatbed :slight_smile: Just started printing the cover. :crossed_fingers:

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Maybe print a quick 20mm calibration cube to just check?

I am so excited to get my printer back going :smiley:

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Cover Printed!

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printing the case


Good JOB!

Did you fix the adhesion problem?

The case has also printed fairly well, I had to increase the size 1mm, because my printer refused to print it at 124mm. Quick measurements show that the model seems to be OK by means of measurement. the PCB surely fits within the case. hopefully the PCB support are aligned well. Try to fit the components tonight. Need to adjust the lid with sandpaper because it was printed at 124mm dimensions.

My 3D printers has a nasty habbit, after printing several layers, the corners tend to curl up. I think it’s something with the heated bed.


Yes, if the bed isn’t warm enough the Ola doesn’t like to stick. Also it is possible that you need to readjust how the first layer is printed / pressed more on the glass

I’m very pleased with the results, only minor adjustments to the design are required, will make them as soon as possible. due to warping of my 3D printer not all corners are 90 degrees.

  • The support structure for the PCB is a perfect fit. (need something to secure it.
  • The structure for holding the usb/audio board works very well.
  • speaker mount is very basic. but does the job.
  • NFC antenna is a tight fit, but works well.

Only the hole for the USB port needs some adjustment, 2mm out of place + needs 1mm more height.

Trying to make the adjustment tonight!


Good job @Leon_van_Efferen

What is the space between pcb And ground. Because I think the power supply and speaker can be moved up

I’m not sure what you mean, there is 20mm clearance between the bottom of the case and the PCB. I’m not sure what you want you achieve by moving up the USB/audio/speaker.

Is it possible to Place audio/USB above the pcb?

good looking case besides the warping obviously. I would say your first layer isn’t properly adjusted which is why it starts lifting. PLA is pretty tolerant when it comes to bed temperatures.

Maybe try printing with a raft even though that shouldn’t be needed, at all. The base is plenty big to stay attached during the printing process. Are you printing right on glass?

" * Hole for RJ45 connection no point for current homey, as there is no wired ethernet interface on the PCB." If you build it, they will come :wink:

Case looks great, good job. You’d have to be happy with that for your first run. :+1:

Fantastic job with the case!!
I’m thinking of switching case if I can work up the guts to open it for the Antenna Mod. The thing is I probably only have one shot at the case since a friend MIGHT be able to print it at work and it’ll look suspicious if he makes a bunch… so, is there any kinda important changes pending to the case design that would be wise to await before giving it a try? Cheers

Don’t they have 3d-print-shops in Sweden? I see an opportunity :slight_smile:

Hmm… I’ve never seen one here. Maybe in the bigger cities. In my village me and a couple of cows would be the only customers at that shop! Do cows often 3D print stuff? I need arguments to my wife why I should buy a printer!

Current Case on Thingiverse is 99% ready, only hole for USB is misplaced 2mm to the right. speaker mount is very basic but you can screw the board on it. Already fixed the usb hole in the 3D model. only need to find some time to make the speaker mount better.

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