Homey Case Mod

Speaking of which… Maybe we could mod the case even further so that a 1.8 inch screen powered by an arduino nano can be included which could provide status, data etc

The screens are like 10 euro on amazon

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I would think that a USB battery pack wouldn’t be impossible to add … Now I dont know exactly why Hubs have these (if there is no power, there is no net, music, lights, fridge, tv) but would be cool :stuck_out_tongue:

Alarm w/ Siren?

Yep, emergency power to trigger the siren.
Put a UPS between your router and you can also still send out notifications about the emergency :slight_smile:

I Just uploaded v1 of the case to Thingiverse you can download it here, I did not yet print it myself. but have fun with it.


Have you considered Leading enough room and integrating a RAV power battery pack? That way it serves as a UPS and allows you to carry it around the house when installing modules…

There is some free space underneath the PCB (20mm) I guess you could fit a powerpack there. but why not use an external powerpack when you want to move it around? much easier when you need to charge it.

I will work a little bit on it tomorrow if I find time.

We definitely need to include holes do lead antennas outside. A must :slight_smile:

The holes are there (3x) evenly placed on the backside. I don’t make them throughout the case on purpose. Now you van drill as much holes via the markers on the inside as you need. So if you look on the inside of the case you Will find 3 hole markers.

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When can I buy it from you?

what a great idea and design. Good work.
For those who wish to add power packs, i would suggest designing and making another “addon” case to house your specific battery pack. Maybe something that sits underneath this case that it will sit into. Keep this case simple i think.
I would suggest adding some sort of holes or ability to add a clear plastic insert somewhere on the front so you can still view the LED rings. As these often communicate things that are going on on the Homey.
It would be good to have options for RJ45 connection and 3.5 connection to IR extenders, but as Homey, and even the new “pro” version dont support these yet, maybe no need.
But maybe add a 3.5 connection or 2 wire terminal so you could possibly (and I say possibly as I am not sure if this would work) you could wire in the NFC reader to, then add the NFC reader elsewhere in the home.
But great work guys, if you do produce one, please take pictures and tell us how you find it works. I’ll purchase one from you also.

  • Holes for clear led/ir window, probably in v2
  • Hole for RJ45 connection no point for current homey, as there is no wired ethernet interface on the PCB.
  • 3.5 connection to IR extenders, your free to drill holes as you like :slight_smile:

First have to print it myself, you can download it from Thingiverse, and select you own 3D printing company. My advise is to wait until. Somebody has printed it and confirm every thing is OK with the 3D model.

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Leon, When you printed V1.0 I will see the pictures very much :slight_smile: When it’s OK I will ask my colleague to print it :slight_smile:

I am right now putting my 3D printer back together… Has been sitting around since I moved back to Europe :joy:

Was trying it yesterday, but I have some difficulties with my 3D printer also. When it’s printed I’l let you know. printing the cover should take about 2 hours, the case would take up to 16 hours (fast print settings :joy: ). PLA needed about 120grams according to my slicing software.

What is your infill? I mean the won’t have to endure lot of forces so 20-30% should be plenty.

20%, if adhesion would be OK. hopefully resolve the adhesion of first later problem tonight.

What temperature are you using to print the PLA?

I own a Snapmaker 3D printer, my temperature settings are:

Initial Layer:

  • Nozzle temp 210
  • Heatbed temp 60

Nozzle 200
Heatbed 50

Print speed initial layer 20mm/s

How does the not adhesion look like? Maybe you are missing a little bit on the feeding rate to ensure they get ‘smooshed’ better together ?