High system load > 100%

Hi to all!

Homey has now more than a week a very high system load, always above 100% sometimes more than 300%.
Can someone explain how it’s even possible the system load can be more than 100%?
Homey version V4.2

So basically if homey is almost always higher then 100 its just to busy and puts actions in wait. (from my understanding, just read it somewhere)

I guess @robertklep explaned it somewhere.

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Thanks, that make sense!


While we are at this subject, what should I make of the CPU load of apps. The graph of most of my apps look like te Fibaro app. Some like the “Afval Herinnering 2.0” app, and a few like the Beacon app.

When I add up all percentages of all apps combined, it doesn’t come close to the (sometimes 300) percentage Homey’s CPU is using.

I was hoping the insights graphs would shed some light on what is going on with the high CPU load, but it doesn’t. What is the best way to troubleshoot the high CPU load then?

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These graphs are pretty useless, they show the CPU time for an app, which is always increasing (until the app stops, when it gets reset to 0). They also don’t use the same scale on the Y axis, which makes it difficult to compare apps.

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Ow, how nice :thinking:

Thanks for the explanation though.

Hello Community,

is it possible to find out why there is a high cpu load?

Analysing the CPU load of each and every app installed, the apps do not reach 1 by far.
The highest usage is measured with Philips Hue App (0.0006%) - in the developer performance check it always uses 0%

Using HomeyPro with V5.0rc53

You should look for apps that have sharp increases of their CPU usage, regardless of the actual values that are shown.

Hi guys,

Is there any good practice to find out what is eating up my CPU time? No app which is even close the use of 1% processing power at Insights. In real time view at developer mode can be seen nothing…


Have had those high cpu figures for ages. After a reboot they go down to normal, and than increase after some days.

I have a feeling it is caused by the Philips Hue App. Do you have that installen?

I have the feeling that it is caused by the community appstore app. When i removed it the systemload is back to normal overhere.

I do not have that installed.

Had the high CPU load for ages. Once had contact with Athom Support about another issue and they told me that my system was busy with zigbee stuff.

I never took the time to investigate any deeper, but am pretty sure it is not caused by flows conflicting or stuff I made myself. Under the hood something is busy and it seems caused by Apps .

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I’ve only apps what can be downloaded from official App Store.

Ok. Then this one can from the list…

Well… I had issue with my IP network behind Homey. Double NAT, which still exists, but I put the router to DMZ…

Now CPU load got back to 60-70% which still quite high, but acceptable somehow. I have 100+ devices and 100+ flows. Is it okay?

…now 30-50%…

Btw, yes, I have!

One thing I have noticed is that Hue motion sensors have always reported “a few seconds ago”. Could it be they are being overly social? Do you have any of those? Maybe I can try moving one of them to the Hue Zigbee app.

That would be odd. The HCS app only ‘wakes’ up at 4am to refresh its authentication tokens and further only responds on native Athom webhooks. Did you confirm the high load when by looking at the CPU chart in e.g. the developers page?