Google sheets

I saw the new app Google Sheets and I thought to export my energy use from my p1 dongel of home wizard.
I created a “device” and tried to make a flow.
In the then I can choose a flow card but then I have to choose an item but there are no results for items. Obviously I am on the wrong track. Can some share a flow so I can see how to do this?

Did you create a Google sheet to which it can append data?

Yes I did:

Did you also tick these two boxes when creating the Google Sheets User device?

I overlooked this totally :flushed:
Thank you very much for your quick support.
This open ups a lot of possibilities. :+1:

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Can’t Athom make this app open source? It is obviously early in the development but I think it can spin off to numerous good apps. Logging for example.

Great App! Thanks!

In a Homey flow I calculate a value and round this to 2 digits. This value than is uploaded to a Google Sheet with the time stamp. Works great.

The value is added as text, not a number. How can I set the uploaded value to a number?


Isn’t that something you configure in the sheet?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to calculate with the value despite changing it to a numerical value. A formula, e.g. calculation of an average value, ends with an error message.
It would be great if there was an option to send the value as a number or as text.
The problem is that a number is sent with a point as a separator. As soon as a comma is entered manually, the calculations also work.

I’ve set the Country setting for the sheet to “United States”, so it accepts a period as decimal separator:

Clever Robert!

I will try that too!

I tried to find this but where to adjust

These settings don’t let me calculate.

“Bestand > Instellingen > Landinstelling”

Probably on a PC in Excel? I am working almost always on my iPad, so I have to search for my laptop then :wink:

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Found it. Thanks for your help again. (It was not in the app sheets but web based)

Works for me @robertklep!
Great tip!