Google Services - App for Translate and new Text-to-Speech for any device with url input

In Homey, create a Device, select the Google Service App and then select the Text-ToSpeech device.

I installed the app and created the devices, but after that I am stuck. What do I need to do to have a device speaking? I have Nvidia Shield and Google mini, will that do? And I see a message about a Json file. Do I need to do something extra? Thanks for your help
Grtz Eric

Same for me,i try to make my Google Nest device speaking but i don’t understand how.

Can you show me a printscreen of all action cards for your devices?
We are looking for a Sund URL or Website or something.

As I said, I just created a device and tried to have something spoken via eg Google mini.

I surely do something wrong, but what?
Grtz Eric

Create another flow and as Trigger, select the Url Triggered from the Google TTS Device.
Add a actioncard that sends the Url token from the trigger (available in the flow) to the device you want to play the speech on.
Step 2 of the topicpost.

I created those flows as I think they are the same as yours…

But still nothing. Where should that url come from, that I don’t understand…
Grtz Eric

Can you show me the trigger (the If part) for the flow you just send?

Oh sorry, here it is:

Grtz Eric

It looks good.
If in this flow, you add an action and send the Url as notification to your phone, and then open the Url in your browser, does the file play?

I tested it with a notification in the time line to check values, but noting is added…
Nothing seems to happen…

What i don’t understand is what url i have to write in the part “Then”?Where i can find the url token?

  1. Choose “Play an URL” or better “Play an audio clip” (if available).

  2. Choose the Tag icon:

  1. Choose the Tag “Url” from the LOKALTAGS:

That’s it.

Thanks for the answer,that’s what i did but when i select “test from local tags” nothing happen…

Sorry, don’t understand what you mean with:

Could you please share your 2 flows.

Here the first flow

Second flow

Why does it look in the Cast a audio URL as if there is a website filled before the tag?
( is it a placeholder or a mistake?

Yes,it’s a blank example of Athom ,there is nothing apart the url😉

It looks the same on mine, it’s just an example, a placeholder from Athom.

@Ewen_Le_guennec, the flows look good. Did you create a Google Cloud Service account and put the content of the JSON file into the advanced settings in the app?