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Go-e Charger electric car charger

Nice, thanks!

Hello @Tim_Willemsen

For a longer period the measurement of voltage was showing 1V in the device and in the measurement tags in Homey. Though the android app showed the correct value.

I figured out today what was wrong. My charger is connected with 1-phase schuko socket. When I “switched” the schuko other way around the voltage measurement “healed” itself. Apparently the charger measures the voltages compared to the earthing, so when you switch the plug it shows the voltage in L1-phase or in N-phase.

This is also explained in the API documentation and there is also solution how the 1-phase voltage should be presented.

if(math.floor(pha/8)==1 && parseInt(nrg[3]>parseInt(nrg[0])){

Can this be implemented in the app?

PS. I am now officially one of the electric allergic people that switch sockets other way around :wink: :rofl:

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I will look into this :slight_smile: