Fs20 Aktor

Hallo i have several ELV Fs20 Actors and want to intigrate them ? Is this possible ? And when can you explain me how?

Hi and welcome to this great community.

First advise is to read the WELCOME POST there is is a lot of information how the forum works.

For support of a device, best you can do is look at the HOMEY APP STORE if there is already support for that specific device.

If there is already a app for that brand, and its even possible to connect it to homey, but your device isnt supported you can ask the devolper for adding it into the app.

if there isnt anything, you can ofcourse make your own app (if having the skils) or make request here.

Hallo und vielen Dank für die Aufnahme!

Leider finde ich bis jetzt nicht wirklich etwas darüber.
Und auch vom programmieren versteh ich leider nicht viel.
Grundsätzlich die Frage ob Homey mit diesen Protokoll überhaupt was anfangen kann?

And in englisch?

Hallo and thank you for invite!

Unfortunately i found nothing about this.
And for developing an App i haven´t enough know how.
SO my question is, is it possible to use FS 20 with the Homey ?

I dont know the device, and there for also not knowing wich protocol its working on. You own the device so you can provide the info :wink:

I found only this.


So i assume it could work, other wise he wont mention that :slightly_smiling_face:

But that´s the only post i find with this topic .

So next step is to read a previous post of me in this topic where are i explaned the options what you can do.