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It is in the 5th reply above yours …

You are right. Escaped from my eyes when I read everything. Thank you.

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Great job with the app!
Fore some reason I can’t find either my 950 or the T8 inside the app. What am I doing wrong here?

I have the same problem with my N8+ Pro

Ecovacs App v0.7.0 crashes since updating to Homey version 7.1.6

The app doesn’t work anymore

I needed to restart the app manually (in settings), after that it still works over here.

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Here too crashes. After app restart it works again.
Homey v7.2.0-rc1
App v0.7.0
Deebot Slim2
Diag report code d7fcab08-9611-4d68-8a08-03997ba32777

No hurries.

I have to set a flow to restart the app every 15min.

I also have issues on Homey 7.1.6. I have to restart the app more than once per day.

If you have a Amazon Echo (Flex is the cheapest one to get) it is possible to get full functionality with your Deebot by using the Homey Alexa app in combination with the ECOVACS Deebot skill on Alexa.

This way we can have full functionality while waiting for all the features to be added to the Deebot Homey app.

For example, I have long been wanting to use Homey to clean specific areas. If I use Alexa I can do that.

Here’s a combination example of doing that as well as getting around the set naming of rooms on the Deebot by creating an Alexa routine as an alias for the Deebot command. For instance, when I use the Homey Alexa app to Ask Alexa to ‘clean my side of the bed’, it gets converted to: ‘Alexa, ask Deebot to clean the kids room’

A new version (0.7.6) that works on Homey 7.x.x and won’t need daily restarting is being reviewed by the Athom team right now. I’ll update you all when it’s ready to test.


Thanks for the new version. Runs so far without a crash.

I’m sorry, I can’t seem to find it. I get a 404. could someone tell me the link again?


Wondering why this isn’t working. Worked in the last version of the app.

Edit: made sure no one was set as home when testing

Is the T9 AIVI supported by this app?
I got the error no supported device could be found in your account.

Can I help to include it ?
Let me know what you need.

Thanks for efforts