Do something for any device performing a specific action?

Is it possible to do something for any device that does something specific?

E.g. if a light turns on set the light temperature for that specific light to x?

I want to avoid having dozens of flows seperately for all my lights.

I have a Homey Pro 2023 and automatization configuration is annoying if I have to do stuff seperately for every light.

Take a look at the Groups app

This doesnt solve the problem, does it?

How would I create a flow that triggers when one of the group members turns on?

And how would I get which device turned on?

I see it this way, if you want specific settings for specific lights, you’ll have to create specific (parts of) flows.

To create multiple similar flows for similar devices with Adv. Flow, you can duplicate (parts of) flows and just replace the light cards for instance. I think it can be done pretty quick.

You mean, like:
light4, or light 7 or light 12 is set to color red,
do something with light 2

When the “Then do something” is aimed at one light, yes.