Clipsal Iconic dimmer support

Hi all,

I have some Clipsal iconic BLE dimmers installed. Is there an app that is able to control these?

Thanks in advance!

If a device is supported you can check the appstore:

If your brand is not supported or your device is not supported and Athom is the developer you can request for adding new devices: 29

If your brand is supported and a Domotic enthousiast is the developer you have to contact the developer himself. Be aware he or her developed the app in his spare time.

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First welcome @Derek

as @Marcel_Ubels stated, you can make a request at athom with the link he mention. A side note with that is, they almost pretty sure only gonna add support if its a wide used device by a lot of users.

I meanwhile you can also ask the community if there is someone willing to make a app for it. You can ask that over here

As i see your the first time around on this forum, it can be very informative to read the welcome post

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Thanks Marcel & Roy, much appreciated.

That Clipsal device is not supported, most Australians use the Clipsal Saturn with a fibaro/aoetec.