Cheapest smart curtains?

Fast delivery, my orders where cancelled by the Sellers. Which shop did you buy?

From this source:

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Do you get it working with the current Xiaomi app and homey?

I did try to add it using the current (OLD) curtain controller device, but as expected it did not work. In a way god that they created a new controller ID. Manly added it to home so @TedTolboom could get the necessary info, for adding it to the app. So for now I just stored it away. Until @TedTolboom need someone to test the beta/alpha version of the upgraded app :wink:

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Is the AQara B1 Curtain Controller supported by homey?

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What is supported you can find on the app pages of the Aqara app

Or in the forum tread about the Aqara app

And even the answer is already given in this topic, if you would have read 10 post above yours :wink:


Have owned the new controller for a few weeks and it works very well.

Xiaomi Aqara B1 curtain controller in action
B1 curtain controller

What are you using to control it? Aqara/Xiaomi hub? Which version?

I picked up a (chinese) Aqara hub from Banggood and have hooked it up, works fine to control it with the Mi Home app (mainland china), but still waiting for/looking forward to Homey compatibility :slight_smile:

Haven’t got any rails yet though, so no video from me.

I use it now with an aqara hub and Xiaomi Home app.

Homey compatibility would be great.

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Hi all. New to homey. Also looking at curtain motor for my home… Think that need to wait for the new app before buying the B1. Looking forward. Thanks

For people looking for support of the Aqara B1 curtain controller, see my comment in Xiaomi / Aqara Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.5.5)

Anyone here have the Aqara B1 curtain motor and the Aqara hub with HomeKit support? I have added my B1 curtain motor via the Aqara Hub, and it works really great - when it is available. The curtain shows as “offline” several times a day in is unreachable. Anyone having similar issues?
Would love to find a solution to it as I think it is such an awesome product!

For anyone with similar issue:
Aqara are pushing out a firmware update (1.6.8) to the Aqara Hub that should fix the issue.
They also mentioned that they were planning a EU launch of the B1 curtain motor, but they could not give any ETA. :hugs:

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Hi, just discovered another smart curtain systeem at indiegogo. Looks promising and now for a cheap price.

Thought it was worth mentioning it here. It’s called SwitchBot. Looks similiar to something Somfy had.

Have the same problem with my B1, even with the latest (1.6.9) hub firmware installed. Controlling the B1 using a wireless wall switch works always, issue is with the hub…

Yeah, I never got it to work properly with the Aqara app.

However, using the hub with the Mi Home app gave me no issues! Always connected to HomeKit:)
Now I have the B1 connected directly to Homey (after the awesome work by @TedTolboom) and it works great there as well:)


Thx for the info.

What firmware does the B1 have?, mine has v1.0.12.

I’m also on the same firmware - 1.0.12.

Hi all,

This is a nice topic, I am also thinking about automating my curtains. My options are:

  1. Xiaomi aqara B1. Disadvantage is that I need new rails and that it doesn’t work well with Homey? Big advantage is the price and quality.
  2. Slide. Disadvantage that it’s using a public API and the local is still not out of beta. Last Kickstarter update wasn’t really good where they stated they need funding… other point is that it’s WiFi instead of Z-wave.
  3. Just a random rail with motor and a separate zwave sensor. Not sure if I like this.
  4. Forest rails. Big advantage that it’s zwave and quality. Big disadvantage the price and you need new rails.

Anyone here who has aqara B1 working with Homey?