Busch-Jaeger WaveLINE

Hello dear Homey users,

Does anybody know if the Busch-Jaeger WaveLINE series is supported by Homey?
They came with my house, so it would be great to operate them from Homey.

The frequency is 868Mhz, and if I try to search for the protocol, I often find: ‘other’.
For example: http://www.abbconnect.nl/details/index.aspx?id=1034424

I hope somebody knows!
Thanks for helping!

Hey Jordi,

good find, but what about these

A few years back i changed a lot of my sockets an switches with the B&J future series, unfourtunately there is nothing realy compatible other than behind-switch-modules from e.g. Fibaro or Quibino. this B&J zigbee integration looks nice but is insanely expensive ~€110/dimmer

and €70 for the control

The best you can do, is to check if their is a app for in the app store of homey. If not almost pretty sure its not gonna work.

Thanks for the reply guys!

If there is no app, I’ve got 2 options:

  1. exchange the waveline-actors by another supported brand
  2. interface the waveline transmitter by another relais/controller supported by homey.
    The last one is already in testing-phase, looking good. I’ll keep you posted!
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Or if the protocol is supported, writ a app yourself (if you have the skills)

Or make a request Here

Topic solved, by adding an extra KAKU device to the system I can now switch also these lights!:bulb: