Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.6.0 | TEST v1.7.0)

Yes, the sensor will be supported.
I’m currently reverse engineering the communication protocol between Hub and device (and vv).

@Marcel_Visser I didn’t see yet an uption to update Zigbee based Xiaomi / Aqara devices… nor that it was discussed before on one of the fora where these devices are being discussed… so from that perspective I would not suggest to invest in a hub.
Could be that I missed some though… if so, please let me know which devices are reported to be firmware updateable…

Do you have a gateway yourself but never saw an firmware update?

I think I order one, just to see… Its only €20,-.

EDIT: and another question… Any idea when we can expect intergration of the water sensor?

Yes, I have 2 versions of the gateway… and did not discover an option (yet) to upgrade the firmware…

Water sensor integration will be there after Athom completed the Zigbee re-write and (!) completion (of the IAS cluster)…

Allright thanks for the confirmation! In that case, I dont have to try… Looks like xiaomi does not offer updates in that case.

EDIT: I asked some xiaomi users on and someone told me that there are often updates for the devices using the gateway.

There are updates for the gateway every few weeks

Yes, for the gateway itself. But also for the connected zigbee devices?

No not rely accept for the vacuum

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In the old forums there was talk (i think from you) that there may be a way for the Xiaomi switches to be able to do dimming when held down - have you managed to get anywhere with this?

Is this possible with the battery powered switches as well?

Would be fantastic in combination with the hack outlined here:
Xiaomi devices hacks (just ordered a momentary switch to try this out :slight_smile:

Yesterday, two of my aqara door/window sensors stopped working. I force removed them from homey and tried to re-pair them, but this does not seem to work. Also changed the battery with one from a still working sensor. The blue light starts to blink after a 3 sec press of the reset button, but pairing fails. Any idea what I’m doing wrong here?

Maybe the sensors yust died…:roll_eyes:

Could be… they were from the same batch/order.

Problem solved. Removed the battery for a few minutes. After that I could pair the sensors again. Pairing however started with a single button press instead of a 3 sec press as mentioned in the pairing wizzard. Ah well they work again :slight_smile:

Hi. I have a several Aqara Human Body Sensor in my setup and love them, but three of them only trigger the motion alarm on the right half. I can stand do jumping jacks on the left half without alarm, but at once when i cross to the right side it triggers instantly. Been googleing to see if anybody have had the same problem without luck, but this might be the right place to ask … Have i been extremly unlucky and gotten three duds (strange since xiaomi QC should be rather good) or is this a known thing?

Yes, I’m currently finalizing the code the code for a start- (and stop-) level change dim card to be implemented for the Fibaro Dimmer-2 (and 1) and the dimmers in my app (MCOHome and LogicHome) this will make it possible to easily link the “key held” and “key released” triggers to respectively start- and stop- level change.

One additional note: for the hack you mentioned, you do need the Aqara wireless switch with gyro (supporting key held and release)

Good to hear the problems are solved. Could you create a (small) Github issue for the difference in pairing instructions? Typically I use the same instructions as the Xiaomi hub provides…
but in some occasions, I already noticed that they are simply not correct. For the Cube you are supposed to swing the Cube hard, but that never worked… Thanks.

Never heard about this specific issue… Did you order them out of the same batch / shipment? Could be that the package was dropped during shipment… I would contact the seller and ask for a warranty replacement

Thanks for the answer. I guess i just have been unlucky. Bought them all at the same time. They are so cheap that the solution for me is to not use the ones with the limited range.

Any updates on adding support for this one? I just ordered one and thought it would a great match for triggering when the letterbox is triggered, instead of a window contact sensor. :slight_smile:


I cannot pair my new (4x) Xiaomi Mi ZigBee - Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Double (WXKG02LM) with Homey.

No ZigBee device found …?

Tried resetting the double switch, PtP, placed them close to Homey.

No results.

Help …


you tried this……

Installation note: the Xiaomi (non Aqara) range of devices need to be manually kept awake during in the inclusion; keep pressing the button once every 5 seconds until inclusion has finshed.

I’m awaiting some new capability icons which should become available mid of next week… then I’ll finalize the driver of the Aqara Vibration sensor.

How many Zigbee (router vs endpoint) devices did you already include to Homey’s Zigbee network?