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Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1)

I can’t change how the behavior of the device is in the Zigbee network.
The device ('s firmware) is reporting that it is a battery powered (end)device. What I did in the v1.4.1 update of the app is to have Homey prevent that it is going to wait for the device to wake up before sending the on or off command (and ignore that it doesn’t get a acknowledgement from the device).
So with the device’s limitation (only on the H1 switch without neutral), you should be able to fully operate the device without any issue.

I see thanks

Hi @TedTolboom.
Can you add Aqara roller shade driver E1?

Thank you very much!


Hi @TedTolboom

Can you add this one? It is finally avaklable for consumer use and offers a better, more accurate presentation if someone is in the room.

€ 56,07 20%OFF | Aqara Hoge Precisie Smart Menselijk Lichaam Sensor Zigbee 3.0 IPX5 Waterdichte 3 Niveau Gevoeligheid Verstelbare Werken Met Apple Homekit

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Oeh, that would be a great addition! Very interested…

Exactly! Was hoping this would come to the consumer market. At first it was meant for businesses but it looks like it is widely available now.

Lets hope this can be added (for I ordered one already) but hopefully @TedTolboom can work his magic on this one :slight_smile:

Hoping we do on Sunday… the rest of the time we work…

I don’t have the sensor myself, will check with Aqara. If it will also be released to Global and or European markets it will likely be added.
Let’s see what the future brings us…

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Wow, pretty steep price for what’s essentially a more sensitive PIR sensor :flushed:

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If it does what it supposed to do I take that over a 15 euro motion sensor that gives me headaches, anytime

Great! Thanks a bunch

I seem to be dropping into the same issue again and again - Aqara temperature sensors losing connection.
It’s been fine for a while, especially after getting Homey more stable on Wifi, but now I suddenly lose connection to multiple Aqara temp sensors.

What’s weird is that I lost like 3-4 in a few days. Batteries are okay, except one I know is old. The others only have like 1 month since replacement.

1 sensor is in the same room, the others in the adjacent rooms. They should have good coverage.

What can I do? I’m so tired of re-adding them and set up all flows.
What I usually do is try to re-add, get message that they already exist (but still don’t work). Re add again and they show up as a new device…

It’s mentioned many times in relation to this problem but can’t see if it was mentioned to you already: did you check if your Wifi channel isn’t interfering with the Zigbee channel? Much modern router use auto-switching to less busy channels. So it is possible it recently automatically switched to a channel that is overlapping/interfering with the Zigbee channel that you use.
Reference: https://support.metageek.com/hc/en-us/articles/203845040-ZigBee-and-WiFi-Coexistence

Depending on your home situation, it is also possible that your neighbors WiFi can be interfering…
nowadays people start installing extra WiFi points to boost signal strength and performance

From what I’m reading about it, you still have to move quite a bit for it to sense a person, especially if it’s more than a meter or so away from them.

Well, it will be for the toilet at first anyway but if that works well then other rooms may follow. We’ll see! Can you link me the source of the article you read about that sensor?

Hi, this is perhaps a dumb question, but I am new to this stuff, so bear with me.
I have a couple of Aqara smart plugs (lumi.plug.maeu01), and in Homey I can see power and enegy for these. However, they are also supposed to support temperature (internal temperature in the plug, of course), and this is not shown in Homey.

Is there a reason for that? Admittedly it is perhaps not the most interesting parameter, but it would still be nice to be able to see it in Homey.

Aqara tvoc sensors not working in homey v 7.2.0, not reporting data after a couple of days, will send report.

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I cant add any new Aqara Motion Sensors

I had a problem with one so I tried to remove it and add it again, didn’t work.

Bought a new one today and can’t add it.

Better use search for this. Could very well be Zigbee implementation limitation.