Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1)

I use a door sensor to turn on the garden light when I open the back door. Quite handy when I hav to put garbage in the outside bin… also when I ope the front door, the Hall light automatically turns on…

besides that homey sens me text message when the House is in "Away"or “Holday” modus and someone opens the door…

oh and I put one in the toilet door to start a fan that I placed in the air-vent-channel… Natural ventilation just didn’t quite cut it so I added a fan… the door-sensor and homey saved me quite som installation trouble with wires and stuff…

The vacuum is indeed a wifi device, there is already a working Homey app for it, but the functionality is limited.
So I was just curious :slight_smile:


I was wondering, are there any plans to support the aqara smart locks in the future?

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Have owned the new controller for a few weeks and it works very well. Hopefully this product can be added to the xiaomi app so that it works via homey.

Xiaomi Aqara B1 curtain controller in action
B1 curtain controller

I know that the aqara relay isn’t ‘officially’ supported by this app (yet?) but has anyone managed to connect one to Homey as a generic zigbee device? Or is this one of those things that will need the app?

little search (max 5 seconds) would have you give this topic.

So sounds like its added as generic device, but only has on/off for 1 channel

Thanks for the help

I have added Aqara relay as generic zigbee. Works ok but triggers both channels. So either you connect only one device or two devices operated simltaneously. Ofcourse no electrometer implemented.

Thanks. Sounds like it might be worth waiting or finding something alternate. I’m looking for something really small to fit into a tiny switch box i have!

Aqara relay is a bigger one I’d say. Really depends on boxes you use and its depth to fit all the whiring.

See the products. They are wifi and homey compatibles.


Hi, I’m having a question… Because of the bad zigbee implimentation of homey, would it not be nice to develop a homey app with support for the xiaomi gateway wich can control all zigbee devices of the brand? I saw that home assistant has support for the gateway. So maybe homey can do this also? I think that a lot of people are using this sensors because of it low costs and your app too, but with the current state of zigbee, its working really bad as you can read in all related topics.

I’m using a Hue bridge for all my lights, and would like to use a xiaomi gateway for all my sensors and use homey only for the automation of everything. This way, every device does what it can do best…

Just my opinion.

However, thanks for giving so much support to the community!


You mean this?

Would be nice to add the 2way relay to the (great working) Aqara App. use this relay to adjust the ventilation of bathroom in the Mi Home app. But want the Homey integration to combine more.
Next thing is garden watering valve open/close with the relay, moist measuring by the Xiaomi Garden Flora moist meter.

If you want we can help you to paypal you so you buy one

The App does support the gateway, but very limited. You can not control devices that are included to the gateway.

What @Marcel_Visser is asking, is de ability to control the gateway AND the devices.

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Is there a way that I can calibrate the sensor for temperature and humidity? When I put them all next te each other, they don’t give the same temperature and humidity and how I know which one is the right one.

You can put a temperature compensation in the sensors advances settings.
Buy a calibrated measuring device. this way you know for sure :wink:

Two of my aqara human body sensor’s stopped again. I tried resetting Homey, but no difference.
My guess is they will work after deleting and pairing them again.
Is there an other way? Since they are in a lot of flow’s… it’s a lot of work

Try to press button on them wake them up and-or check nodes on and in case of doubts, eg. long distance from Homey, buy a ZigBee repeater (eg. from IKEA … also try to remove/reconnect battery.

Thank you for your response!

I don’t think range is an issue. Since there are 3-4 ikea bulbs around the sensor (all routers right).
What can I see/do with the developer tool? I can see both sensors there, but nothing more. I can just see the route is from Homey directly to sensor (distance approx. 5m with one wall in between).

This is not the first time my sensors/bulbs don’t work anymore. Normally a Homey reset does the trick, but this time it didn’t. I was wondering is there was a simple solution without re-writing all the flows.