Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1)

If I understand correctly, you should replace that flow card by selecting the “newly” added switch again and the available action or command you’d like to use.

I had the same issue, or at least: I couldn’t add the new Ikea devices.

Athom asked me to reset the Zigbee network and then re-add the devices, starting with the Ikea (router) devices. That fixed the issue.

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How? Maybe interesting for user users.

Homey 7.0.1, did a Zigbee reset. Was able to add all Zigbee devices (also Aqara) except for two Aqara Temperature/ Humidity sensors

Oddly, one of these did pair after several attempts, but I cannot get the others to pair. Just for reference: I tried a PTP, and the number of Zigbee devices does not exceed 20. And of course I minimized the distance between Homey and the sensor when pairing. Anyone a suggestion how to fix this? Many thanks!

Never mind that. I think it was the battery levels of the sensors. I will leave my post for future reference for others experiencing similar issues. Lesson learned: do not forget to replace the batteries…

Whay did you try already?

Hello @TedTolboom are you aware of the ZigBee devices that stop reporting? ATHOM is redirecting me back to the app developer. There are more and more people with the same issue. I understand if this is hard to find a solution but please let us know what you thought are.

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@wesley_w I’m following up with Athom support.
I have seen multiple reports on devices that stop reporting, but specifically for the sensor devices, I strongly doubt if the app, who only listens and does not actively communicate with the sensor, is the cause of no longer reporting devices.

In addition, I checked my diagnostics logs, but I can’t find any submitted by you (with your name as reference).


The v1.3.0 version of the app has just been released to the app store, adding support for the Aqara TVOC Air Quality Monitor.

For reference the default reporting behavior of the Air Quality Monitor:

Capability Minimum reporting interval Maximum reporting interval Reporting threshold
Temperature 30 (s) 10800 (s) 0.2 degrees C
Humidity 30 (s) 10800 (s) 3% RH
TVOC 60 (s) 10800 (s) 20 ppm/m3

One note: the Air Quality Levels are currently based on the TVOC measurement results and Air Quality Levels specification. As a result the levels don’t correspond with the Air Quality 'leaves shown on the Air Quality Monitor. I’m clarifying with Aqara to get the levels specification matching the leaves shown or to get the ‘leaves’ reported by the the monitor.


Great news, thx @TedTolboom!
Big thumbs up!

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@TedTolboom just wanted to give the feedback that I think you have a an admirable amount of dedication for this project. I really appreciate your work and support here!


@TedTolboom , when will the new wireless remote switch H1 single and double rocker be supported?


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Adding support for one device, getting the questions for others… story of my… app :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not all Aqara H1 (wireless) switches are available yet.
Once they are available, at (my) hand and if my private agenda allows for it, I will add support for them.


Fair enough. I will wait patiently.


A big thanks for all your effort and work, Ted!

How are things with the addition of Aqara roller shade?


I seem to be having issues which seem to be common with the sensors. I have the Aqara window and door sensors and about half of them go to sleep and never wakeup. I can re add them but then after some weeks they all go unresponsive. I sent a diagnostic report, but after reading think it has more to do with homey than with the app.

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I have 3 of the Aqara zigbee motor and one B1 motor. So for 3 it ain’t possible. Thanks!

I was thinking to use Aqara Vibration sensor for an additional notification for doorbell. But it looks like it cannot pick this change (pics). It is quite. rapid.

  1. is there a way to lower threshold so it will report alert?
  2. Is there other sensor that can work this way?