Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1)

Homey and Zigbee is sometimes more magic than science, search this forum for the examples :wink:

Devices with software (in general) can be very picky how they’re shut down and/or how they started. When I’m working on my electrical systems I always make sure to shut down everything and start them in a certain order. For example I make sure my modem and router are up and running before starting Homey and my Synology NAS… The other way around is guaranteed trouble…

I always try to do it the proper way, but I can’t even shutdown Homey, so it’s just power off. And I can’t do anything with the sensors as far as I know (that’s not far) (can’t turn them off)
I readded them. I thought I had seen a “rebuild zigbee network” option somewhere, which did not reset the network like I did today. Am I mistaken?

Doesn’t it have a dipswitch of some kind? What does the manual say about reversing?
To illustrate : My tuya curtain chain drives have such a (tiny) switch on it, and additionally with a “reverse operation” option in the app config.

As far as I know, I don’t know any “rebuild zigbee” button or command. Zigbee builds & rebuilds itself.
As you discovered the hard way, a zigbee reset drops all paired devices.

Again, one of my sensors is stuck (temp/hum/pressure are stuck since last night 19:45). I have removed the battery and put it back (Homey reports it on 100%) but it stays stuck. Also restarted Aqara app.
I don’t know if the sensor is not working or it’s the device in the homeyapp that has a problem.

What can I do/try?

edit: does screen this say anything?

edit2: hmm…seems like pressing “interview” got it to unstuck

Unknown manufacturer is not OK… btw even your devices are new, battery might be KO…

I would suggest to take a look - Updating from 4.2 to 5.0 – Homey Support and here - Fixing disconnected Zigbee devices (without having to modify all flows) (workaround but it will not fix it permanently) or “Simply” Reset your ZigBee network - it will remove all devices, add them back , fix all the flows…

Please note even you have issues with Aqara devices, it’s rather Homey problem ;-(

tnx I will take a look at your link, but I already reset the zigbee network 2 days ago (see above) and readded all 9 devices (and fixed all flows). So this “network” is 2 day old :slight_smile:
(My home is 5.x btw and I did not have zigbee devices before the update)
And I should not trust the battery percentage indicators? They are all 9 at 100%. I could try another battery of course the first time a sensor gets stuck

On your script output I saw you had “well known” network key, that’s why I assumed you haven’t performed reset yet. Anyway, unknown manufacturer is not standard for known devices like Aqara.

The reset was after the script, so that might explain. The screenshot above is from this morning

Do you have any routers in your zigbee mesh? Like light bulbs or plugs.
These aqara devices are all end devices and cannot create a healthy mesh network.
There is a maximum of end devices that can connect directly to Homey

No, I don’t. Do Aqara wall plugs function as a router/repeater?
I believe so since they describe that Aqara sensors communicate directly with the plug? can’t find any explicit specspage that says so
“Even if the network connection is interrupted, the local automation between the smart plug and the sensors still works normally.”

Only if Homey supports that, and as far as I know, it doesn’t.

I have 4 of these plugs and they work fine as a router. Even when the wifi connection is disrupted of homey. The zigbee mesh works as it’s supposed to do.
My zigbee mesh Exists of 51 devices

Two question about the Aqara D1 devices

Ted’s’ Aqara App supports both the ‘with neutral’ and the ‘without neutral’ version. Great!

Do these switches support multiple pressing a button (like the Opple devices)?

And, would it be possible to install the ‘with neutral’ version but nog connect the neutral? I am think about ordering these devices, but in order te keep all options open, I might as well get the ‘with neutral’ version, if these can also be fitted without a neutral.


Yes, just don’t expect it to work :stuck_out_tongue: There’s a reason there is a specific “No Neutral Wire” device. Sometimes it does work the other way around, where a “no neutral wire” device also has an option to connect a neutral wire to it, but it doesn’t look like this Aqara device supports that.

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Haha, that’s funny !

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Like Robert says. The chance of getting that to work is 0%.

If you have no neutral available, buy the “with no neutral” version.
Compared to the “with neutral” version, and then not connecting the neutral:
A lamp doesn’t work if you don’t connect the neutral wire.

Since the 5.x.x update my Aqara vibration sensors have stopped reporting Tilt values (always return 0).
Have you find a solution/workaround to this issue ?
Thanks for your help

Hello Friends,
Are these alreay for sale at our “cheap” chinese websites?
Single Switch Module T1 (No Neutral)
I cant find them.

Maybe fiddle a bit with your search command… lesser words for instance.