Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1)

Hello There, i just bought the aqara hub. Am i right that it cant connect?
I just found out that there is an aqara hub and a xiaomi hub…
I can t find the password on the Aqara hub…
Thanks alot

You sure you have the right app. dont you need the mi app?

All my Aqara stuff stopped working :frowning: i use homey v5. Door sensor, button switches…:frowning: I restart the app and restart homey… still nothing

Currently I’m using this app. I have heard that there should be an ‘about’ or ‘over’ button which shows the password. I can’t find it… And somewhere on the internet it said that the xiaomi version has it but the aqara doesn’t. Is that right?

SmartSelect_20201202-204123_One UI Home

Or does it have to do something with a homekit version or non-homekit version? And how can I see the difference?

this topic , is for the direct connection of zigbee devices to homey without hub. And for as far i know you cant connect the hub with this app. So please use the right topic

Xiaomi Mi Home App for WiFi devices - Apps - Homey Community Forum (

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Verry strange…nu Innr stuff and Aqara stuff stopped working… Just like that… restart of the apps and Homey…still not working

Same issues here…

Oké, glad not to be the only one… looks like a zigbee problem.

Sorry to hear this, but I hope you also recognize that you’re not providing any information to understand the issue you are experiencing or to provide any supportive guidance to resolve it.

Homey cant find the Innr stuff. The Aqara stuff looks oké. But doesn’t do anything. If i go to settings zigbee i get a time Out…

Im a newbee… sorry… glad i can make a flow…hard enough for me


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On which Homey version are you experiencing this issue? Homey v4.2 I would assume?
Are all Zigbee devices showing a spinning circle at the device icon? If so, the Zigbee chip did not initialize properly.

Can you try pulling the power plug for 10 minutes, reconnect and wait for half an hour until Homey as completely started up?

Ted, you’re right. It was just a little frustration. Yesterday I had trouble with not reveiving notifications from the doorsensors. But also had some issues with my Tradfri lights. Now, after rebooting the Homey the devices are working.

But unfortunatly after a couple of hours the devices just aren’t responding anymore. Looks like a Zigbee issue after reveiving the rc46 update.

No V5… Installed it for the new Aqara switches and the Lidl stuff… not a problem until now

Understand that. If the problems have started after receiving RC46 and is affecting more Zigbee apps / devices, it appears to be a generic Zigbee issue. In that case, please contact Athom support and send them a diagnostics log from within the Homey app so they can analyze the problem.


Until now, as in until the update to RC46?

Rc46 installed yesterday without any troubles…this morning no problem at all…this evening Aqara stopped working. Homey can find the devices. Only they are not working. Ik have multiply sensors like door sensors and light sensors. The dont work at all. Last history of the door sensor is from 4 hours ago.

Did you try to restart the app?

Reset the app and restart Homey…