Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1)

How many router devices do you have and how many end devices? v5 hasn’t increased the 20-directly-connected-devices limit.

At the moment I have 3 routing devices for 26 end nodes = 29 in total. That should be doable.

(background info: I want to limit the number of routers and connect them to a UPS. All lamps are on a more stable Hue Zigbee network.)

Famous last words. I think you need at least about 10 routers to actually get a proper mesh (and that’s still feels a bit on the low side). The symptoms you’re experiencing sound like too many end devices and too little routers, hence my asking.


Thanks Robert! Advice taken: I will add more routers immediately and report on the progress.

delete all battery powered devices first, then add routers, then add battery powered devices… then … Partyyyyyy

And now lets keep it to app related, or the topic will again spinout to generic routing things, which we just split of this topic, any further posts about general routing will be deleted, continue any routing questions/discussions in the linked post.


Yesterday i removed my good working door sensors and re added them flawlessly, but when i removed a good working motion sensor i couldn’t add him again.
I also found out that my sensors can easily be removed by pushing the button on the sensor a few times.
As far as i know, i always had to remove a sensor by the remove button in the app, correct me if i am wrong.

Hi there,

I have some questions about the V5 update.

Is it smart to update right now if I’m not at all a programmer since it is still in experimental only (I only use Xiaomi/Aqara & Innr zigbee devices, both apps should be updated)?
What are the benefits of updating to V5 (everything Zigbee related works for me at the moment)?
Any idea when te Xiaomi/Honeywell smoke detector will be included?

Thanks in advance!

Great job @TedTolboom ! Thanks for all the work on the app.
Updated homey and the app and for the first time I have a serious mesh network instead of a occasionaly single hub. I have 15 routers and 35 enddivices and all are working like a charme. I did lost a few end devices or they didn’t connect to the network after the upgrade. Remarkeble, I could remove and reconnect them right were they were, even meters from the nearest router. Also including was was realy fast, devices react fast and mesh is stable within a few our after the upgrade.

For everyone still holding back to update, I would say; go for it!

So let’s see where we are with respect to the main steps mentioned before:

The first 2 steps were completed with release 1.0.0…

I’m happy to also strikethrough the 3rd and 5th steps with the release of 1.1.0.

With 1.1.0 the following changes will be released:

  • Add support for the Aqara Water Leak sensor, Xiaomi Honeywell Smoke sensor, Xiaomi Honeywell Natural Gas Sensor
  • Add support for the Aqara Opple switches: do READ the inclusion instructions carefully with this ones!
  • Add support for the full range of Aqara D1 series switches (8 pieces)
  • Fix Xiaomi Light sensor initialization
  • Many minor changes

So a whopping 14 new devices added with this update!

Fulfilling many repeated requests for support for among others the Aqara Water leakage sensor, the Opple switches and the D1 series switches.


Great work again @TedTolboom!
Thanks so much, once again!

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Thank you Ted. Really appreciated!

are there people using the aqara power smart plug for measuring there washing machine. or are the not recommended for this kind of things?

OK @TedTolboom, have a bier or two on me please ! :wink: Just donated few EUR.

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I am using a Fibaro plug for this. Works fine for me!

I received an answer after my email to the Athom support: (Dutch)

"Op dit moment zit er nog een beperking in het toevoegen van apparaten met de nieuwe ZigBee update. We werken hard aan een oplossing hiervoor, in de tussentijd kun je geen extra end-devices (op batterij) toevoegen aan Homey.

Mocht je snel een oplossing willen is de enige manier om je ZigBee netwerk te resetten (via Meer… --> Instellingen --> ZigBee), en bij het opbouwen van je netwerk eerst 2 of 3 routers (op 230V) toe te voegen voordat je begint met het toevoegen van sensoren."

So it seems we have to wait for an update from Athom before adding the battery powered devices again.


I have 4 of the Aqara plugs. But not for washingmachines or dryers. Max power used through this device is about 150 watts

@TedTolboom I have have added the Opple 6 button switch (pressed the reset button for >15 seconds and the blue lights lit up 2 times (3 blinks). The device was added without issues, but I cannot create a scene. Aqara Opple Switch six buttons -> When a scene is activated I have to choose a button. Then the app keeps running and I cannot choose button and clicked 1x/2x/pressed.

I left it for a while and then the Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v0.8.0 | Test: v1.1.0) app crashed. A report was sended to the developer :smiley:

After removing and retrying I have the same results.

I have tryed it but sometimes the washingmashine has stopped working because of overload of the plug.

With the scene option I don’t get a result. With the button pressed I can’t select the tag. So yes there is something not working it appears. It doesn’t crash though.