Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1)

Then I will wait.

@TedTolboom, just donated… Make it happen buddy!! And thanks for all the great work! Very much appreciated!!

Have an issue with the Light sensor from xiaomi (GZCGQ01LM)
any idea why i just get a note that this device do not have an app for it and it continues to add it as an basic zigbee device?

Are not running 5.0.
Have a homey pro.
have rebooted it several times.

Don’t want to be blunt, but I’d say it is a good practice to read a few of the messages above.

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That i have. and i figured that the more input the better. as they all say that its due to v5.0 which i do not use. It seems as it has just become a problem the recent weeks for others to.


As you both know ,the apps “Xiaomi Mi Home” (app store, @Phuturist: you were the original dev. I believe) and “Mi Homey” (CLI only), allow for an integration of the Xiaomi/Aqara gateways to Homey. Once gateways are added, all child devices connected to the Xiaomi/Aqara gateway can be easily integrated in Homey, regardless of the communication protocol used (mostly Zigbee, Wifi or Bluetooth). Both apps have the same functionality.

The advantages are multiple. Those that matter most for me are:

  • Reliability: The zigbee network is handled by the Xiaomi/Aqara gateway. Resulting in a very stable network, almost without any limitation of quantity of child devices connected. Adding multiple Xiaomi/Aqara gateways in the same building will result in a very reliable network coverage.
  • Multiple locations: Another nice one, is the fact that the Xiaomi/Aqara gateways don’t have to be installed in the same location. So all of the sudden I can manage more than one location using only one (slightly more expensive) Homey. One will only need a cheap Xiaomi/Aqara gateway, connected to the internet. The Zigbee devices in the back of my garden are connected to the Xiaomi/Aqara gateway in the garden shed. The Xiaomi/Aqara gateway in the garden shed is connected to my neighbour’s Wi-Fi network. And, Voila: everything alway accessible. WiFi range is much better than Zigbee, WiFi networks are omnipresent.
  • Redundancy: when, for whatever reason, Homey is down, you will still have access by using the Xiaomi Mi Home app.

My gut feeling however is that none of these two apps are really developped (any more). I would prefer not to invest my time in using these apps, only to discover after a few months that the dev has lost interest all together.

My Question @TedTolboom :
What needs to happen for you to integrate the same functionality in your “Smart Home” app?

The reason for me asking is simply because you app(s) is/are, in general: well maintained, well constructed and sturdy or to sum up in one word: Brilliant.


@Jan_Peeters I appreciate the feedback and the appreciation.
But I am not planning to include support for the Xiaomi / Aqara gateway into this app.

The main reasons are:

  1. I believe in creating one strong Zigbee mesh where multiple brands strengthen each other, instead of creating multiple parallel Zigbee networks (Homey v5 is providing the fundament for this)
  2. I have little to no knowledge regarding the API based protocols (specialized in Z-wave and Zigbee).
  3. There is no benefit for combining the different protocols into one app; it will not (never) be possible to transfer a device from Aqara gateway to Homey and back
  4. Also my available time has it’s limitations…

O. K., it was worth the try :grin:
Thank you for your feedback!

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I have 4 Aqara temp and humidity sensors which are not updating. Only once in a couple of days they are reporting back the temps. There in a range of about 4-5 meters.
I also have soms Aqara door sensors which are farther away. They havent got this issue.

Is this something that will be fixed with Homey 5.0 or will this need some work in the app also?

Welcome to Community Forum :slight_smile:
It’s not robust to only rely on battery powered units. If you have Zigbee bulbs it will help your Zigbee-network to mesh properly.

I agree, sounds like a bad mesh.

I have a powered aqara zigbee switch. This one acts as a router and 2 of the sensors are routing through this switch.
When I hold the sensors close to the homey… Lets say 1 or 2 meter it is working all good.

In my experience, Aqara sensors have a tendency to “stick” to the router that they originally paired with. You could try removing the battery from the devices, move them away from Homey, and re-insert the battery. Or even re-pair the device (also away from Homey, or at least much closer to another router device than to Homey).

Shall I mention the antenna mod? :grin:
(Sorry mods, off topic I know)

Everyday sneakpeak if the update is announced haha. Thnx Ted for this great app!!


I’ve got the same with one temp and humidity sensor. Mine starts reporting for an hour or so, but then it stops :confused:

I tried reinstering the battery. And I have this also… For about an hour the work and that the stop reporting. The keep only reporting once a day or so.

Hello Ted. Don’t want to be pushy, but to you know when the update is coming out. Release or beta? I miss my temperature, humidity and pressure sensor in my flows that doesn’t work.

Also i want to give you a small payment as a appreciation as it is released. But is there another instead of PayPal?

End of August was first ETA from Ted but anyway, if this date will pass, we have to keep waiting :slight_smile:

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I had the same problem with several temp and humidity sensor and motion sensors (unless i’ve several routers (ikeapanels/bulbs/smartplugs).
I bought a gateway (received it just after the experimental update :laughing:, covid-19 slowed down the shippings from china :neutral_face:).
I’ve linked all the temp and humidity sensors and motion sensors which didn’t work directly on homey (no reportings or reportings once day/week/month).
Now they are working perfectly (still got several aqara directly linked to homey).

I’ve read somewhere in a forum a suggestion that the motion sensor (with flux meter) is disturbing the connections. I’ve never found proof. My feeling is, somehow homey don’t like too many (aqara) battery devices (“sticking” to the router where they originally paired with in combination with a much weaker zigbee signal from homey (in relation to the gateway?) is also possible (even though some motion sensors were in the same room as homey but still refused to work properly ). I’m hoping the zigbee update will resolve this issue and makes my gateway useless again :grin:. Like Ted said, one strong Zigbee mesh is much better than multiple parallel networks.