Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1 - TEST: v1.4.2)

Sometimes even the new battery is discharged… But try interviewing node on devs if it helps.

Hi @TedTolboom,

Do you have any idea when we can except the update that supports the h1 switches? Is there anything we can support you with?

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Hi, thanks for the great app and frequent updates - I use it quite extensively with a variety of devices. I recently got an Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 (No Neutral, Single Rocker), which I thought was one of the supported devices, but it seems that it is not. Is there anything I can do (information I can provide etc.) to help with getting it supported?

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Hello goodmorning, is there already a fix for the missing power consumption after the update in February can’t find it in here :).

Hi @TedTolboom! Thanks a lot for the app. It works very well. I have a roller blind motor from aqara and I would like to connect it in the same way, but it is not integrated into your application. Can I hope for integration? Can I somehow help to develop this application?

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I just send a request to homey with a diagnostic code,

Waiting on replay, the problem only seems to be with aqara end nodes.

The sensors (PIR cont, contact sensors) periodically don’t report anymore. Only fix seems to be deleting and re-adding the device. Whilst in developer there is a working route within the mesh.

Is this a known problem for aqara?

The network is pretty stable, and no wifi interfering from matching channels.

Not for the devices, at least. I have plenty of PIR’s and contact sensors and never have any issues with them with an alternative Zigbee implementation.

Thanks! At least I know than that it’s not due to the sensors. Homey just advices to refresh the mesh network. Although some routes have changed, the devices still don’t report unfortunately.

Hi, @TedTolboom can you tell me when will be supported the Aqara Smart Wall Switch H1 (No Neutral, Single and duble switch)? I know what you wrote a fwe months ago… thanks a lot!

Fabian, did you ever perform a full zigbee reset after firmware 5.x was installed? Zigbee reliability really improves after that.
And to which ch is your wifi and zigbee set?

I’ve got Google wifi. So I unfortunately cannot select the wifi channel manually.
Currently they run at 1 and 6

For the zIgbee network;

It’s operating on channel 11
The problem with a reset is that i’ll almost have to start over.

I’ve got 36 zIgbee devices with according flows.

It’ll be a multi days task to re-up everything properly.:neutral_face:

Wifi 1 & 6 with zigbee ch. 11 is a no no.
Ch. 23 should be fine.
A zigbee reset searches for a quiet channel automatically.

Using the web app, there’s a card replace option in flows.
F.i. if the deleted card was a zigbee sensor, the category presented is ‘zigbee’, when you select ‘replace card’ so you can quickly select your newly paired sensor.
I think remove and add devices 1 by 1, and repair the flows each time is the way to go.
Create screenshots of flows involved up front, so you can view what the removed cards said.

It’s a pain yes, but the reactions were “but worth the effort”.
And from what I’ve read, the new zigbee is a truly mesh, while the ‘old’ zigbee is a ladder type of network.

I couldn’t find the option to reset the zIgbee network anymore. So I’ve decided to delete every single zIgbee device, change the channel to 15 (according to your scheme this is the best channel when I include Neighbours wifi) and add everything again starting with routers. It’s bin a good 4,5 hours restoring all flows. But it’a up and running. Hoping when time was worth it and it’ll stay stable

The zigbee reset is only available in the mobile app, there are 2 big difference of the way you did and resetting the zigbee network:

Zigbee reset chooses the best channel for your situation automatically, and also resets a default key used for security, there might also happen a few other things behind the scenes when you reset your entire network.


And thanks for pointing out, @Caseda, the reset option is only present on the mobile app. I could’ve been more clearer on that one🙃

Damn. I hope it’ll stay stable otherwise I’ll do it all over again :sweat_smile:

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Hi, @TedTolboom can you tell any good news H1 update?

Are you going to ask about this every week now?

if someone says a date about what to expect, then no


I hope @TedTolboom is going to respond so I know when I can start using the 15 (useless) switches i bought. If it takes more than a couple of months I need to start looking for a different solution.