Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1 - TEST: v1.4.2)


I successfully paired a vibration sensor. Now I have a question. I am using my homey with homeykit to manage my devices with the Home App from apple.

Do i have to take any further steps to import the vibration sensor into my home app or is the vibration sensor not supported by the homeykit app?

Are there any plans to add the Robot vacuum cleaner as well?

The vacuum is a wifi device. The first gen is suported.

And did you get this working?

Suddenly all my temp sensors stopped reporting. Says 19h since last temp report on all of them (5).
Could this be cause the rc5 upgrade i got yesterday on homey? Or anyone has a clue what happened?

FYIif all your Zigbee device stopped working

I believe there is already another RC that should work

I got the update during the night and now they are working again

Hello everyone. I have a problem with a wireless switch Aqara. I installed it in Homey but when I create a flow with in action “a button has been pressed” or a scene nothing happens. the button does not react. when I run the flow manually, it works. did anyone have this problem? thank you in advance

Use the “a scene has been activated” option and then choose which button and/or how many presses.

yes I already tried but it’s the same thing nothing happens even if I choose a single or double click

You installed the Xiaomi Aqara app?
And the inclusion of the device was successful?

when i run the flow manually it works but when i press the button nothing at all

Can you make a screen-shot of your Flow?

it’s very basic at least to make it work

the state of my device

What I use is this (sorry for the Dutch text, but I think you can understand):
A button is pushed — logic SCENE contains 1 time

when I add the logical scene one time like you it’s even worse even manually nothing starts

another option is: A SCENE is activated, 1x pressed