Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1 - TEST: v1.4.2)

Patience… changing the settings will not update the temperature instantly; only once a new update is received…

Ok :blush:

I will try and wait :slight_smile:

Will this one work with your app?

Award E1 Door & Window Sensor these are the new ones

Hello i have a DGNWG05LM And of copurce this is the version that will not allow the PSM-Set Command. So I Flashed the Firmware as descript in GitHub - openlumi/ OpenWrt for Xiaomi Zigbee gateway with imx6 SoC DGNWG05LM, ZHWG11LM and installed Zigbee2mqtt on it.

So far So Good.

But now how to add it to homey ? Anyone any idee ?

I would suggest to open new thread for it, as it has nothing to do with Zigbee app being discussed in this thread. Small hint re Zigbee2MQTT - search for MQTT (client, hub, broker…)

I am clarifying with Aqara on the different product ranges (E1, T1, P1) and which ranges will be released to resellers in Europe and other areas.

In addition, to better answer the questions on which devices are supported, I’m working on a more extensive overview which devices are supported, with additional information like product number and EAN numbers (barcode)


To facilitate all questions which devices are supported (or not), I’ve created with support of @robertklep, a script that is auto-generating the table of supported devices based on app’s manifest (enriched with some additional data).

A partial (!) screenshot of the table:

The full table, can be expanded, can be found in the opening post of this topic

Simple summary: if you can’t find it in this table, the device isn’t supported (yet).


I have a new E1 Aqara Sensor (Door and Window).
If i try to connect I get a failure, that the Sensor is not found in the App.

“No Homey app could be found for the sensor. It was created as a simple device”

Strange that all the EU Smart Plug websites and even Homey site itself states that it connects with Homey: Xiaomi Aqara Smart Plug | Talks with Homey

Does the table in the first post suggest otherwise?
It is listed in the table and supported.

Please read the post just above yours.

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It would help if you would provide more information on the issue that is occurring; the error code show or something like that.

This device is supported in both the Pro as in the bridge version.

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My bad!
Was looking at the screenshot without realizing it was a partial screenshot :zipper_mouth_face:

Nevertheless the Smart Plug EU is not being added.
Added GitHub issue: Aqara Smart Plug new device not pairing · Issue #266 · TedTolboom/com.xiaomi-mi-zigbee · GitHub


I bought Aqara door/window sensors. It isn’t recognized. Homey list it as ‘onbekend Zigbee apparaat’ I see this version is not supported. Is there a fix or can this type be supported?

Homey gives the following information;
Producent ID: Lumi
Product ID: Lumi.magnet.acn001

Op de achterkant staat:

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Scroll back a bit:

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At the moment i also have two sensors failing inside Phoscon. It is a motion-sensor and a temprature-sensor. They are both realy close (30cm) and there is a repeater in the samen room so i dont think i should be a distance isseu. I will readd them to my network en see how long they stay connected.

I see four device not connected where if two that work perfectly (in green)

I know this is the Aqara forum but i wanted to point out that it also happens in the Phsocon envoirement.

Assuming that it’s not a battery issue (don’t trust the battery levels that are shown in Phoscon), did you pair the devices with Phoscon on their final location, with the repeater already active in its final location? Xiaomi devices don’t tend to hop between routers.

I have a lot of Xiaomi devices (motion sensors, multisensors, contact sensors, water sensors) and I only have issues with them when their battery runs out.

I wil replace the batteries when i will re-add them. And yes they where added on the location used.

And don’t trust the battery levels that are shown in Homey.

We are all use the only battery information that the Aqara devices are providing, which is the battery voltage and even use the same discharge curves approximating the battery percentage / lifetime.


I don’t doubt that either. I would like to correct my statement: “Don’t trust the battery levels that are shown in Homey, provided by the devices.”

This is the battery level of a Fibaro KeyFob (Z-Wave, CR2450) of the last 31 days. I didn’t use the device during the entire time and didn’t changed the battery. Even if the ambient temperature has a small influence, this is unexplainable behavior for me.

Let’s go back to the main topic.