Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1 - TEST: v1.4.2)

I have several zigbee curtain motors in my house. I would like to reverse the direction so that closed is closed and open is open. Now is open with some curtains closed. In the original Aqara app / hub this can be turned around.

Search this topic for reverse direction, seems to be possible.

To be clear: It is possible for the Aqara B1 curtain controller, it is not possible for the Aqara curtain controller (since the definition of that attribute is a bit specific).

Thank you a lot for the interesting input @Peter_Kawa. I was not aware of the WIFI impact. I have re-arranged the WIFI channels, they should not interfere.
I still get the same issues with my Opple 6-button switch. It seems to loose it’s connection to Homey, since it is not responding to my input when clicking the buttons. But all other Zigbee devices (mostly bulbs) might work at the same time.
Restart of the app does not solve the issue, if I wait 30 minutes it might work again though. Really strange.

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I have been reading a lot on the forum but I haven’t found any info on this particular problem. I’ve checked the zigbee and wifi channels and my zigbee network (19 nodes, 9 routers) but that seems to be okay. The devices (and batteries) are new. I just can’t figure out why the would just stop responding.

The motion sensors seem to be in the network still:

But they just freezed:


So if you know any alleys that I could try, please let me know! :wink:

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Here’s some interesting info. The sensors do seem to work with Conbee deCONZ, but not with Homey.
Pls notify Athom of your issue.

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I have similar frustrations. Motion, temperature, vibration, door sensors all stop working after awhile. No solution yet. :pensive:

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I have 3 Opple 6 in use and they work fine.
So the problem probably shouldn’t be with the app. Possibly it is a connection problem. Or have you ever replaced the battery?

Thanks for your feedback, and I totally agree with you. Other Aqara-sensors works fine, well, most of them, so I don’t believe the app is the main issue. To be honest, I have not changed the battery, it is a pretty newly purchased device. Yes, I do know that the battery might be low on power even if it is new to me, but it works flawlessy most of the time, but not solid enough to replace the 433 mhz remote I currently using.
At this point I am open for everything. I have tried to reconnect it to force it to pair again, I have removed the device and paired it again, I have changed the channel that the 2.4 band of my wifi operats on, I have moved one AP to reduce the risk of interference etc etc.
I will change the battery as well now, just to check that off the board too.

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@TedTolboom thanks for great app. Is it possible to add an update intervall setting in the zigbee xiaomi light sensor 3.0? The sensor updates contiuously during day, but would rather want e.g every 5 min.

Best regards
Stian Hogganvik

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Thanks for the link. Apparently there are more people with the same experience.

I will add a link to my post there as well and inform Homey.


I have send them an email also and see what reply they will give.

@TedTolboom Ted just in case, even seems you are not responding anymore… 2 out of 4 Smoke sensors (lumi.sensor_smoke) seems to silently not working…Zigbee routes are fine, I’m even able to do the interview, even it takes like 10 mins… any idea what is going on ?

Diag. 8f667059-61b8-4a73-a0f6-375e901cab31

I think alot of battery operated sensors going silent at the moment. There are several topics at the moment with almost the same behavior. The sensor is in the network but data is not send or received any more. Only removing and re-adding well give a “alive,” sensor back in the network. But after some time they could go silent again.

I think we are all looking at the wrong place i.e battery, wifi interference etc etc. I don’t think it is a app issue also but mostly a ZigBee-core issue


Well that would not explain the fact it’s still responding to interview, while btw the two others have even older batteries of same time.

Interviews are active (initiated by Homey), updates are passive (initiated by the device). Sounds like two different code paths.

Can you add support for AAQS-S01 (TVOC, Humidity and temperature) sensor please?

Yet in case of battery dying or is dead, device would not respond to the “Homey” call, or I’m wrong ? Btw, I found out some other sensor being offline for 2 months (Xiaomi Door Sensor) - all looks right but I had to “revive” that sensor by pairing it again…suddenly it’s working again. So “maybe” there is still something broken in Homey…

I would very much like this TVOC sensor to be supported too!
Perhaps the community members who would like that too could all donate some, so @TedTolboom can buy one? I’d be happy to contribute too.
It’ll be great to have one in every room to show air temperature, humidity and quality at a glance.

Something else: the version numbering in the topic name isn’t correct anymore.Perhaps we don’t need a version number there too, so it wouldn’t need maintaining… :slight_smile: