Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1 - TEST: v1.4.2)

I have 4 Aqara temp and humidity sensors which are not updating. Only once in a couple of days they are reporting back the temps. There in a range of about 4-5 meters.
I also have soms Aqara door sensors which are farther away. They havent got this issue.

Is this something that will be fixed with Homey 5.0 or will this need some work in the app also?

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It’s not robust to only rely on battery powered units. If you have Zigbee bulbs it will help your Zigbee-network to mesh properly.

I agree, sounds like a bad mesh.

I have a powered aqara zigbee switch. This one acts as a router and 2 of the sensors are routing through this switch.
When I hold the sensors close to the homey… Lets say 1 or 2 meter it is working all good.

In my experience, Aqara sensors have a tendency to “stick” to the router that they originally paired with. You could try removing the battery from the devices, move them away from Homey, and re-insert the battery. Or even re-pair the device (also away from Homey, or at least much closer to another router device than to Homey).

Shall I mention the antenna mod? :grin:
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Everyday sneakpeak if the update is announced haha. Thnx Ted for this great app!!


I’ve got the same with one temp and humidity sensor. Mine starts reporting for an hour or so, but then it stops :confused:

I tried reinstering the battery. And I have this also… For about an hour the work and that the stop reporting. The keep only reporting once a day or so.

Hello Ted. Don’t want to be pushy, but to you know when the update is coming out. Release or beta? I miss my temperature, humidity and pressure sensor in my flows that doesn’t work.

Also i want to give you a small payment as a appreciation as it is released. But is there another instead of PayPal?

End of August was first ETA from Ted but anyway, if this date will pass, we have to keep waiting :slight_smile:

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I had the same problem with several temp and humidity sensor and motion sensors (unless i’ve several routers (ikeapanels/bulbs/smartplugs).
I bought a gateway (received it just after the experimental update :laughing:, covid-19 slowed down the shippings from china :neutral_face:).
I’ve linked all the temp and humidity sensors and motion sensors which didn’t work directly on homey (no reportings or reportings once day/week/month).
Now they are working perfectly (still got several aqara directly linked to homey).

I’ve read somewhere in a forum a suggestion that the motion sensor (with flux meter) is disturbing the connections. I’ve never found proof. My feeling is, somehow homey don’t like too many (aqara) battery devices (“sticking” to the router where they originally paired with in combination with a much weaker zigbee signal from homey (in relation to the gateway?) is also possible (even though some motion sensors were in the same room as homey but still refused to work properly ). I’m hoping the zigbee update will resolve this issue and makes my gateway useless again :grin:. Like Ted said, one strong Zigbee mesh is much better than multiple parallel networks.

I’m happy to hear, Niek, that this works for you. But my humidity sensor worked flawless before on homey. And i have already a hue zigbee and a homey zigbee. I don’t want to include a third one.

I rather wait for the update.:slightly_smiling_face:

Then why did you update to 5.0?

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With the old firmware i had trouble with my ikea tradfri powerwall switch. Everytime that homey was restarted it couldn’t find these switches. I needed to disconnect and connect these switches to get controle back of these.

This is improved with fw 5.0

And i know that many more has problems with zigbee that maybe can be improved with the new firmware.

But athom won’t release this update untill every app is compatible with fw5.0.

Hi @Niek1,
what kind of gateway did you buy? And is it connected to homey?
Kind regards

Of course I fully agree not to buy the gateway at this moment.
I’ve ordered the gateway just because I was giving up the hope there would be a Zigbee rewrite this millennium. Just let’s hope that the update will be official soon. :crossed_fingers:.
I wanted to indicate that the problem might be a zigbee issue which might not be easily fixed with the battery suggestion. I’m hoping the homey update will be the solution.

A little bit offtopic:
Yes, the gateway is connected to homey (setting up the gateway with xiaomi home app (the app from xiaomi itself so it has nothing to do with homey), connecting aqara products with the xiaomi home app, linking gateway with token to homey, adding the aqara products (which are connected to the hub) with the homey app “Mi home”) Xiaomi Mi Home App for WiFi devices
Please be aware of the many different gateways described in the forum, several are not able to link to homey :sweat_smile:.
My advice is to wait for the official homey update (v5) this might be the solution for the problems. Probably the update will be publiced faster than your gateway will arrive from china :sweat_smile:.

My motion sensors work perfectly, but since there is a hardware based zigbee limitation on homey, I’m also thinking of getting a aqara gateway.

Then I have 2 zigbee networks, hue and aqara.

I know this is a bit offtopic, but do devices paired with the aqara hub also report there batt. status?

Yes, they update their battery status (they appear similar as the direct connected devices only with an slightly different icon…

Correct me if I’m wrong:
The zigbee limitation on homey will be irrelevant after the zigbee update?
The current problem is creating a mesh, that’s why the devices “want” to connect only to homey.
When a mesh is created you can connect more zigbee devices to homey because they are not directly connected to Homey (if you’ve enough routers).