Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1 - TEST: v1.4.2)

Could anyone tell me if there is a solution for the reset timer of the motion sensor?
I understand that the refresh time is long to preserve the battery. However,
i would like to have my lights activate automatically between sunset and sunrise when i walk
through the hall (nightly toilet visit - i have IKEA tradfri all over the house).

However, i dont want want my lights to stay active as long as the sensor is active.
I can set the light to be on for lets say 60 seconds after sensor triggering, but the sensor itself stays ‘‘active’’ for quite long. is there any soluion to reset the status to no movement or something like that?

ideally i would walk through the hallway, lights go on. motion sensor resets after approx 20 seconds and light stays on for approx 60 seconds. if i walk back, light is off, and would trigger on again.

Anyone has some advice for me on this?

The Xiaomi sensors have a default blind time of 60 seconds, I think. There is a hack (see this comment) that will cut that down to 5 seconds. Instead of soldering, you can also use a soft(-ish) pencil to make the connection that is required for the hack, and you can set the lower blind time in the advanced settings of the Xiaomi app, I believe.


Aqara opple. Is this some help for the problem?

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Hey guys,
Any idea re: this?

You could try work with a countdown timer.
If the min value of the sensor is 60sec. I would start the timer for 90sec, because if you would walk back on the 60 sec, the light may go off (if the sensor didn’t see you already), now the sensor had 30 sec to spot you again :slight_smile:

Try to re-add them without removing them, it will tell you upon add it’s duplicated device but the error state may disappear. Had this issue before on version prior to v4.

How many zigbee devices you have? When i reach more than 20 this often happens to me too.

Currently 24 had 28 before with 2 Ikea plugs as a routers. Do you have all zigbee devices unavailable, or only Aqara models?

Hi Daniel_S

Sorry for going off topic … How did you include those nice tags to the tiles?

Only Aqara app devices were not working. Other or generic zigbee ok. So I linked this problem to Aqara app.

@Gas thank you for sending the link; didn’t see this comment (in this thread) yet.
So it appears that indeed the device behavior can be controlled.

  • Multiple options per button is controlled by setting a specific attribute: endpoint.write('aqaraOpple', {'mode': 1}, {manufacturerCode: 0x115f});
  • Preventing “hostile take-over” of other Zigbee devices is controlled by defining the right Group(s)

Unfortunately, both options to control these devices are not implemented in Homey’s current Zigbee Core… Manufacturer specific attributes not (also needed to e.g. control the Aqara Curtains direction), nor does defining Groups…

I will, once more (see comment on Aqara Curtains), check if there is a work around; but don’t get your hopes too high… likely will be one for the Zigbee rewrite.

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Just use your google keyboard emotikons in mobile.

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Thanks Daniel!!!

Thanks so much for your work on this app and continuing to look into these switches, even though they’re proving so much trouble. I/we really appreciate it.

Do you mean the multiple-options-per-button feature will have to wait for the Zigbee rewrite, or support of the switch altogether?

As far as the “hostile take-over” behavior - could that be circumvented by not having any Zigbee bulbs connected to mains during the pairing process?

This is not possible because the App highlights all existing sensors w/ red exclamation mark

Has to be an error w/ the App, maybe Athom can investigate this, will report to


Well as mentioned I will report to Athom but am not the first nor the only one. Seems to be a serious memory leak in v4.x.

Im very sorry to say, it only looks like its the Aqara that dosen`t initialize correctly, all are with a red exclamation mark and not sends data back to Homey.
Sometimes motionsensors work, sometimes not, door/window sensors the same, temp sensors does not work at all.
Fun thing, problem occured after update to ver. 4, all other works fine.
No memory leak either:

Only 19 apps installed

Hue works, but through Hue bridge
Ikea also works, directly with Homey

How many Zigbee devices do you have? Sounds like you might be reaching the hardware limit.

@robertklep only 17 Aqara, rest is acting as routers, 3 Hue and 5 Ikea.
Should`nt be a problem, and has not been problem before, nothing changed the last 6 months.
But, very good idea :blush:

And magic suddenly appeared :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: