Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1 - TEST: v1.4.2)

Homey/Athom is responsible for forwarding your devices to Google Home.
I.e. they recently added blinds. There was nothing the developers had to do.

Temp sensors (and open/closed) aren’t being forwarded by Athom.
Thermostats, however, are.

You could create an virtual thermostat to have them in Google Home. If you don’t want that there is nothing you can do other than bugging Athom to have them add sensors.

P.s. here is a full list of Gooogle Home supported device traits:

And device types:

I’d like to have more devices added to Google Home:

  • Window
  • Air conditioner
  • Door
  • Garage Door
  • Radiator
  • Scene

Hey. Thanks for the answer, virtual devices is totally what I am looking for. Can you please help me with the Flow, cant get the Virtual Devices to update.

Tried to read on some forums how to use the virtual thermostat but cant get it to work

It’s an indication of the weather. I plot the pressure on my dashboard. If it’s rising, it means good weather is coming. If it’s declining bad weather is coming.

Interesting. Is that the same inside as outside?
What dashboard do you use (at risk of offtopic)

Hmmm… if @vaderag is going off topic, it must be time to release some new candy… :thinking:

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Yes, unless you are living in a pressure cabin :wink:
Barometers where invented 377 years before Zigbee. :grin:

I use a node red dashboard(communicates trough MQTT with Homey):

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Next release:

Will need to debug some minor details, but then they’ll be ready for App Store release.


Hi Ted,

Any news on adding an offset to pressure on the square one ? Would be nice if this is possible to add.

Hello @TedTolboom
any chance to get this implemented?

Am I the only one who would like to invert the door sensor state?
Hope to get this in one of the next versions.


I ‘need’ this also asap :slight_smile:

@TedTolboom What’s the status of the Opple switch?

I was hoping to receive one or two Pull Requests with validated changes…
but will check if I can implement it in the next update.

@BBL unfortunately, nothing changed on the status of the Opple Switches, compared to my update on January 6th.

I still don’t see a work around I could implement that will enable more then one trigger per button and that will prevent these devices from taking over light bulbs. This is an issues where multiple controllers are running into… If anyone spotted a solution, please let me know.

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Wow, great work @TedTolboom! Thanks for adding those devices!
Now waiting for availability (especially the round Aqara plug with power metering)… :frowning:

today I saw some (I think new) aqara switches. But is says zigbee 3.0 is the zigbee rewrite a problem for adding those devices? I would love those, because of the separate on / off side (I have milights and when those are controlles by the milight remote, the homey doesn’t know the state)

With separate on / off button, you just tell the bulb to go off whatever the state is

I’m not tech-y enough to have any valuable input myself, but I did see someone on Tweakers use these switches via Domoticz:

And I found this, regarding Domoticz:

So presumably there’s a way; not sure if there’s something different about Homey preventing it?

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True, but that is indeed the “one option (1x click)” per button… which I can implement.

What I, so far, can’t implement is the multiple options (1x - 3x click, hold and release) per button… the device shows, before inclusion, to be able to report these states, but after inclusion it doesn’t.


Mostly I figured it meant they’d somehow managed to circumvent the issue where it takes over light bulbs. And it does mention the 3rd and 4th button support hold/release, I thought?

Either way, I’d personally already be delighted with single presses. :slight_smile:


Search for Aqara Mijia Switch and it will pop up

Thanks for the replies i will remove my posts to keep this topic about the app and not a shopping place :smiley:

Hi Ted,

Any positive news about the Aqara Opple switch?
Is there anything we can do to help?