Aqara & Xiaomi Smart Home - Zigbee App (v1.4.1 - TEST: v1.4.2)

I have exact same issue. I’ve used the switch for months. Now at a sudden the device does not respond anymore.

Same here. I have two switches no longer responding + cannot add new motion sensors. It has been like that for the last month or so.

Hi! Thanks for creating this app.
Just received my Cubes, and trying to do something fun with them.
At first I was positively surprised that it reports which side it’s at, but then I also noticed that the side doesn’t update if it is an invalid move, like picking up in hand and place with specific side up instead of 90 degree flip. So the side numbers seems pointless? It seemed interesting to choose a side, and have a dedicated device for each side.

Anyways, I’m also a bit confused how to set up a flow to f.ex turn volume up/down with rotation. Anyone tried? I set it to increase volume on Harmony if Rotation was higher than 0, otherwise decrease volume. But nothing happens :man_shrugging:
It seems like it doesn’t add up the rotation angle. If you rotate slowly, you can several small movements.

Try readding it to homey. I have this for zigbee devices every now and then. Right now all my wireless switches are working perfectly fine. For @Stievo9997 I have no ideas other than that you could try all wireless switch options in the aqara app as maybe you selected the wrong one. Last possibility would be that the switch itself is DOA and the button is simply not functioning. A lot less likely but still… keep us posted!

I have a cube. But I’m not very happy with it. All my other aqara stuff work perfectly but the cube is either not responding or responding late to all movement and I don’t think its homey or the app.

I made flows for sound up/down, change track, and shake to stop/resume music.

For now its basically useless.

I have a question.

I have modifide a motion sensor to reset the sensor after 5 seconds instead of 60 seconds as you can see on this site

Is it possible to make it in the homey app also possible to program a minimum time of 5 seconds?

Did not yet test but maybe configure it in advanced settins of the sensor as a hacked sensor?


When i look in advanced settings i can only change “Schakel bewegingsalarm uit na” to a minimum of 60 seconds. When i take a lower value then 60 the app not accept it.

I think there’s been a discussion about this already (on Slack). I believe that the conclusion was that because almost all users will be using an unhacked sensor, allowing values lower than 60 seconds will be too confusing.

A suggestion was made to add an additional setting (“I am using a hacked sensor”), but I’m not sure if anything will be done with that suggestion.

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I realy hope that’s gonna happen, i realy need shorter time’s than 60 seconds far a couple of sensors. Now i use HUE sensors for that but they have a delay for max 5 seconds because of the polling time between the bridge and homey and thant’s very anoing sometimes.

Using app version 0.6.2

Sorry for the Dutch screenshots…


Wauw, i think i have to update the app. Thanks for your replay :grinning:

YESSSSS, It works… I’m happy :innocent:

Did you actually hack the sensor or only changed the setting? Please read this topic and know what you are actually changing.

Without the hack, changing the setting will have NO IMPACT; don’t complain that the sensor does not re-trigger the motion alarm within the 60 seconds.

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I know Ted, i have realy hacked the sensor it self whit soldering the twe ponts in the sensor. (see the link i have posted myself :wink:

Pfff I’m so bad at soldering… I created the follow.

Although it doesn’t look very good I think it is soldered correct but it doesn’t work right. Still every minute.

There is no contact between TP4 and the other contact except from where the wire is.

Any advise?

Holycrap :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: what did you do with the white component (is that stil working)

Next time try to ask someone with a bit better solder skills.

It still works yes, thanks for your support :joy:. It is good I’m no chirurg :man_health_worker: Just can’t keep my hands stable

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Have you set, in advanced settings, "hacked sensor"to yes? I have now modifide 4 sensors and work all great.

Yup I have, I’ll look into it