[APPS] Sonos

I would like to know if sonos speakers (One or player 1) can play homey voice or sounds.

Yes, Sonos One for sure. Play:1 should also be able to do that.

There are several ways to play a sound:

Voice playback is also possible in different ways:

Screenshot of the Sonos App (Athom):

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You could also use Universele Media Speler | Homey to play sound from a UPnP Server (a lott of wifi/routers have that option).
See [TUTORIAL] How to make a Great Public Announcement (P.A.) System with any device! - Tutorials - Homey Community Forum (athom.com) for more explanation if you want a announcement system (with sounds).

Anyone else experiencing Sonos time out errors? I’ve asked Athom support and they suggest it is due to my Homey having to work too hard. I have 120 devices and 300 flows. Everything is working fine and fast.

When I reinstall Sonos it works for a short while. After that Sonos times out. When I try to reconnect Sonos I notice that the Sonos api page where I need to log in reacts very slowly.

Tips on solving this issue are welcome! Thanks for taking the time reading this :blush: