App to control Konke smart products

I just got a nice motion sensor from the company Konke, but I can´t see if any existing apps work with this product, or if anyone know if an app is on it´s way. it is the motion sensor in the kitpro I need support for

all help appreciated


You could take a look here, if already someone has make a request.

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I looked for an app and also asked if anyone have a project ongoing, but so far no luck.

Any luck with this?
Could it be installed as a generic zigbee item?


The generic zigbee don´t detect this, tried several times. Konke sell a hub for their products so suspect they change the default settings to fit this.



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til Windows 10

Any luck so far? I just saw the Konke on Aliexpress, and it’s nicer than the Xiaomi alternative.

No not yet, I can’t detect it, not even with the generic app

Outlook til Android

Konke products are on all Zigbee channels, except Homey’s Zigbee channel (11 if im not mistaken). So i guess there won’t be any Konke compatibility.