[APP] Tank Level Meter TF-FT002

How can this, we have 1 tank devices but we have two choises

You always get your device ID and additionally you get the choice for ‘any ID’. If you are certain there are no other devices nearby the anyID is the best choice because that will keep working when you change batteries. (The ID changes when replacing batteries)

Oké thank

what does homey connect to? with the display of the module on water tank

Has anyone ever extended the antenna? And how connect this only the inside wired of the outside wired? See photo can somebody my help me?

Homey connects with the sensor directly. The display is not used with Homey (my Homey app is a much better display :wink:)

Can somebody me help me with the 433mhz antenne?

Maybe you should open a separate topic for that, or ask help here: Homey antenna mod

What does this mean? Maybe people are not responding because they do not understand the question?

Antenna cables should always be completely connected, this means the shield must be connected to ground and the inner wire connected to the antenna input of the device.

so if I understand very well I have to connect female wire to antenna connection point of ultrasonic meter and connect the outer sheath to the earth of mn. 230v network? because that’s the only earth

The shield should be connected to a ground point on the PCB.

that will be a search but it is one step closer, thanks

Wondering if anyone is aware of how to change sampling frequency of TS-FT002 from 3 minutes to claimed capability of 30 seconds. The little manual’s list of features includes statement “Tank level updated 30s or 3 minutes”. Is this true? Thank you

I dont think you can change it manually. It is sending on shorter intervals automatically when the water level changes rapidly I believe.

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Hello dears .

This first time for me here . So please just help and advice because i don’t understand many points.

I was searching for this device and i found it in Aliexpress and amazon for my water tank .

Before i order i need help with this questions .

This device i can buy it here from this site ?

and this site what offer just app ?

And as i see the device not smart so how ill connect it with App ?

and before i buy, my water tank is on the top of 3rd floor . And my home is in ground floor , so i can receive signal ?
If not how i can connect the device by wire ?

Please explane me this points before i order today .

Thanks so much

I would suggest to stick with Amazon

You have Homey, right? Anyway, there is LCD panel so you don’t need any app - this fantastic app just allows us to do some automation even with “dumb” device

It depends, how many meters and seeing it’s on the roof I gess it’s some barrel, right? But anyway, I guess you can check manual…I have mine located underground cca 1m and in about 10m far from Homey and it works but the signal is weak.

that’s not possible

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