[APP][PRO] Worx Landroid, Kress, LandXcape RoboMower integration

There is a Poll action card in the app, this way you can force an update of the values.


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I use an AVD (Advanced virtual device). If it is pressed it fires a poll of the device parameters to refresh the values which are shown in the tile.


And I use a chronograph transition to force a frequencially refresh if the mower is mowing:

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@Joka @Martin_Verbeek thank you, I have completely missed that option and yes - it works for me,

Martin, from version 4.0 the lawnmower still retrieves some data but can no longer be started. Did the following actions

App reinstalled
Homey restart
Version 4.1 installed

Can you help me get the lawnmower working again?

Will check. Might take a little time. A lot of changes going on at the moment, really wanted to wait until the dust settles a bit :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

No problem. Take your time.
Mowie is now in wintersleep

Oh sh&&&&, forgot you.

No longer can be started, with flow action? Or with on/off in the Homey app?

Martin Verbeek

No problem=

On/off in the Homey app is not working and flow also.
If i reinstall the app the values update only onces, but on/off never workx.

strange, works at my place. What version are you running?

i tried 4.0.0 and 4.0.1
At this moment i use 4.0.0

Hello Together,

I am trying to ad my Landroid S
The app 4.0.0, Landroid Firmware 3.52, and I get the message “No new device”

The user and password i have introduced correct.

What I am dooing wrong?

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Not sure, there is more info on the right, could you PM me that. Might be that worx introduced new version of api interface again. Will check it out, there was another report on similar issue yesterday.

How to copy the content.
I have tried but do not succeded.
Whit Screenshots I have stoped at 5, will be like 15 or so.

Found the issue. Worx has changed the interface on how to get device list and a number of other functions. have to redo/code part of the interface. This can take a while.


Hello @Martin_Verbeek ,

I just wanted to know if you had time to see the problem?

thanks in advance

yes, have started coding to get all the changed stuff working. But this will take a while, it is a massive change.

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ok thank you for your answer and especially for your work.
I’m looking forward to you saying it’s ready.
I can be a tester if you wish, I knew time.