[APP][PRO] Worx Landroid, Kress, LandXcape RoboMower integration

Hi Martin,

I investigated the problem mentioned above with:

The problem is that the highlighted trigger does not work properly when the battery level drops below the defined value, and therefore does not work with the polling. It works when the homey energy warning is triggered and a rare times during the day/night. Please check this.

The other triggers I tested above work pairwise in sync.


something strange is happening. it always seems to take the GT trigger even for LT but only for this trigger, nowhere else, all code seems to be okay.
i have changed the flow assignment. But also readded my devices. So not sure what was the solution :-(…
can you test with 3.2.0?

Installed the app v3.2.0. Did not readded the device.

I start the mower manually. The automatic cloud push was send every 10 min.

Only the first set of changes includes the “battery becomes less” statement. In all other cloud push only the “battery becomes less” statement is missing again as in the screenshot above.

Could you go to the log and check to see if messages with LT or GT are shown

if GT messages are showing please readd the device

I readded the device and fixed all cards and variables.
Sorry, same result:
Only one set of changes includes the “battery becomes less” statement. In all other poll/push events only the “battery becomes less” statement is missing again as in the screenshot above.

Additional problems:

  1. The condition AND card includes not the changes you made for the other cards. With the AND cards it is still necessary to select the name of the mower.
  2. When I start the mower manually with the iOS worx app your homey app triggers the status mowing and start sequence but NOT Leaving dock. Maybe the feature that everytimes the mower is leaving the dock it will trigger the status “leaving dock” is broken?

Could you pm me a large piece of your log, no screenshot, real copy paste…

I will do. With enabled debug infos?

Without please😅

@Martin_Verbeek, would you know why this happens please? I thought I will get condition triggered once but seems it’s multiple times… isn’t there some rounding that could cause this ?
Also per insights it doesn’t seems to be going below 38C in the given time period…

rounding is not applied, will round to integer in next update

Thank you, but is this the cause ? I mean, the threshold is 38.0 so it should get fired only once when it is going above 38.0, or ?

see what you mean. Not that easy to fix with a rounding ;-).

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Just in case of interest, new beta firmware RLM v3.27b15 01-08-2022 - USB for our Landroid.

Some experiences :

My own experience, so far so good.

3.28 has been released in the app as well

Changelog Firmware 3.28

• New AIA movement. Landroid will now execute smooth turns on the boundary wire instead of stopping and turning. This will improve efficiency and create less tear on the lawn.
• Improved avoidance of Off Limits breakthroughs
• Improved App-Link
• Improved LCD refresh
• Improved charging station recognition
• Bluetooth always enabled, not require start app-link after first pair (only models with Bluetooth)
• Fixed start sequence if mower is removed from charging station manually
• Added smart battery support
• Improved charge station leaving movement after finishing border cut
• Adjusted battery percentage behavior:
• Mower is inside the charging station:
• Requires 30% charge to start
• Mower is in idle state:
• Requires 10% charge to start
• If less than 10% charge only home + start is permitted
• If less than 5% charge no user action is permitted
• Fixed several minor bugs

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Hallo Martin,

Ik probeer mijn Landroid toe te voegen, heb de app geïnstalleerd, maar homey zegt dat er geen nieuwe apparaten zijn gevonden. Weet jij wat er aan de hand is?


Hi Eddie, ik zie invalid credentials langskomen in de log, dus ik denk dat je user of password niet goed zijn.

Hallo Martin,

Ik zie het nu ook, had een verkeerd password. Stom.
Dank voor het antwoord!
Het is inmiddels gelukt.

Met vriendelijke groet, Eddie

Outlook voor Android downloaden

Hi Martin,

is it possible to get the party mode as a trigger (when the card) if it is turned on or off for the Worx Landroid?

THX in advance!

you can test it now.

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