[APP][Pro] WeatherFlow's Smart Weather Station

Would love to test it. But haven’t received my Tempest yet… :frowning:

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Installed the app and it works perfect

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Sounds great! :+1:

Must say that i am impressed with the Tempest so far. Worth the long wait…

I will do some more testing with Homey+Tempest the next days, especially related to flows/events, and then create a pull-request to @Will_o_Wisp in a couple of days or so.

@ButterOverflow, sorry for the late reaction but had to install and figure out how to install the correct versions of JSON, the Homey-cli and after that your Tempest app
Anyway i managed and my Tempest works as well in Homey
As you are i am equally impressed with my Tempest
So one more happy guy
If i can be of more help plse let me know
Thank you ButterOverflow
Regards Alwin

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I have now made the pull-request with the Tempest support to @Will_o_Wisp repo. Hopefully he sees it in the near future.

Is this app getting better?
Is it just to instal the weather station as a standard unit in a app now?

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Hi, if you are talking about the Tempest it does still not work in the official app. I made a pull request but testing found that while working great with the Tempest it broke the old Sky/Air devices.

If you need Tempest support right now and can not wait you can install my fork linked to above using the CLI as a temporary solution and switch to the official in a couple of weeks or so.

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Can it be that lightning figures aren’t processed correctly?
This morning i saw some lightning on my Tempest but Homey shows 0
Tried to upload some prints to show but did not manage
This is the url of my Tempest

Grtz Alwin

I would like to test it. I just got my Tempest yesterday, but I’m not sure how to install an application on Homey from Github.
Where can I find instructions?

Fork installed. Works perfectly with the new Tempest.

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I also got my tempest (europe). I have tried to use the app and it can’t find the Air nor the Sky unit. Do I need some kind of update for it to work? The Github thingy… will that be included in the app?

Hello Windy. Try follow this video. Mine is working after following these instructions. Good luck.

@BufferOverflow app works fine. Thanks!

Two questions though:

  • the card ‘it starts to rain’, when is it reset? In other words, when do you get a new message that it has started to rain again? It has been dry for 15 minutes and then it started to rain again, but no new message.
  • Very light rain is not recognized in the app as rain in mm. It stays at zero and does not get updated. Shouldn’t it at least say >0.01 at that moment? In this way we can still create flows based on light rain.

Thanks again.

I was wondering the same. It would be nice if there was a card “it stopped raining”.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just got my Tempest Weatherstation and like to use the app to integrate with Homey. When installing the app it asks for #Enter the weather flow API key# Where do I find that information

Just google for tempest api key and there you go.

I got the tempest working trough CLI lasy weekend, very happy with it!

Hi Hakan_Billig;

  1. Sign in at https://tempestwx.com/signin.html with your tempest account (you created this when you activated your mobile app and set up the weather station)

  2. Click on Settings top-right; you should see your unit preferences/settings config on this page; at the bottom in the “More” Section, click “Data Authorizations”

  3. Click the “Create Token” button; give the token an optional name so you can identify what you used it for, then click “Create Token”

  4. Use the new API token for your app configuration (you might need the Station ID also - Settings > Stations > Your Station > Status > Station ID at the top of the screen)

Hope that helps!

I have a tempest and with the beta app it works perfect.

But is it possible to include “Solar radiation change (dutch: de zonnestraling is veranderd)” as a trigger?

That would be great.

Ok, thanks!