[App][Pro]Weather Underground PWS app (Release 3.0.9)

I can only guess it’s an issue at WU as they would be the cause of that error, assuming Homey / the app is not intermittently providing the wrong key.

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That was the most logical assumption for me too.
I’ll wait and see if they get it right eventually.
Thanks for, as usual, your quick response!

Is the app working properly? I am considering purchasing a weather station that is compatible with Weather Underground, but I am uncertain if it functions consistently. Additionally, does anyone have recommendations for the best weather station in terms of value?

Apart from the fact that I’m currently having problems (probably WU’s cause?) with downloading data in this app, it’s been working without problems for years. Adrian makes great apps and has excellent support.
I have a Eurochron EFWS 2900 that I bought at Conrad, but it is also available on Amazon. Good functionality for the money.
Good luck!

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I have seen a few errors from the server recently, but I think that’s because I added another weather station and set it up on a different Homey but forgot to change the number of stations in both instances and therefore made too many api calls.
Generally, it works well.

OK, so I have looked further into this with data downloads stopping for me in the afternoons (Sweden time) around 14:45.
Downloading data resumes automatically at approximately 02:10 at night.

Since it’s so consistent, I started thinking about limitations in the number of downloads and WU seems to have a maximum of 10 per minute and a total of 1500 per day. This means that you can have about 60 calls per hour, i.e. 1 per minute. When I look at my API Key usage on my Members settings page on WU, I have just over 1500 successes per day and just over 2700 failures. First day (it’s about 12, lunchtime) and I already have 1200 successes. At this rate, I will reach the ceiling of 1500 calls around 14:45. So that matches my problem.

Unfortunately, I renewed the API key before I could look at how my API key usage was before the problems started. Renewing means that the statistics for the “old” API key disappear…

I started testing with different values ​​for “Number of Accounts Connected”. I set it to 3 under Settings in the WU app and waited a day. It gave 979 successes - clearly under 1500 - and 0 failures.
I then changed to 2 and waited a day and it gave 1460 successes and 0 failures.
So, I now need to use the value 2 for “Number of Accounts Connected” in order not to exceed the number of calls limit.

What is strange though is that I always used 1 as the value and this changed, as I can see, on June 29th. I only have one device and I even changed the API key and the new API key is only used in the app.

I can’t find an explanation…

/ Kristofer