[APP][Pro] We Connect / myAudi / MyŠKODA / My SEAT / My Cupra

@Emil_Linder Only for other skodas at the moment. (no enyaq) :confused:

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Checked the log. You get a 404 on the login… Which is strange. If you have time can you check again?

If it doesn’t work I’ll verify if the login endpoint is still up

I will check it now.

Update still same problem.


can you try to login here and see if that works?
same service as this app uses


It’s works on you’re link.

@martijnpoppen after the app update the car info does not sync with the homey app any more.

@Patrick_Meijer yes i saw. Will revert the api update

Thanks for your reaction.

@Martijn_Van_Neerven Only thing I can think of is the missing subscription.
Without the subscription the app won’t do anything at all for you.

Yes I think also.Thanks for you’re support anyway…

New app update (test: 1.11.1) vw


  • FIX: revert lib update

New app update (test: 1.11.1) Audi


  • FIX: revert lib update

New app update (test: 1.11.1) Skoda


  • FIX: revert lib update

New app update (test: 1.11.1) Seat


  • FIX: revert lib update

New app update (test: 1.11.2) Cupra

  • FIX: revert lib update


Hi @martijnpoppen,

I can share with you some screenshoots.
Mainly you can see the following:
1.- Charging process with all the information and consuption of charges
2.- Carger card with all cards that can unlock the chargers
3.- Wallboxed (the most interesing one) with all your chargers. Inside here you can find (once you choose one):
a) Name, location
b) Access control: 2 options: with autentication or without
c) reset walbox
d) software update
e) walbox delete

Images below!


Hi, I decided to give this app another try. Is the force refresh now configurable? I have a Audi etron.


@markusv its still the same. You can force refresh via a flow or the default interval

Thanks for the quick reply, @martijnpoppen. Is the default interval still 6 hours?

Yes it is :slight_smile:

Ok Thank you. Do you have any plans on making this interval configurable? Or at least an option to turn the automatic force refresh off completely. We can anyway do a force refresh in a flow.

Do Audis still have the limit of five updates? After that the car has to be woken up / started manually? If so, this limit can easily be reached if the car is not used each day. If I did not use the car for the weekend, on Monday morning the climatisation can not be started because the available updates are already used…or am I missing something here?

The app does dont work after latest update. Cant get any data from the car

Hey @Patrik_Strandberg
Yes thats why there’s a new update in the test version of the app.

I’ll check if it can be pushed live

@Patrik_Strandberg it’s already live.

Any more info? which brand / model ?