[App][Pro] Virtual Devices

You’re very welcome, Mats. I liked this puzzle!

Hello, to my experience in these days you can only add that devices… no ways

First i am really happy with this app.
Now i have added a new device with volume options.
How can i make i flow that send de volume options to a ir blaster?

Using a volume slider is kinda possible, but won’t work very well imho. It sends only 1 command at a time, which is: step up (or down) to the IR blaster.
For a Tuya wifi2IR unit, I’ve created a Vol+ and a Vol- virtual knob to control my receiver

yamaha IR

I want to use these buttons.


Maybe you can re-use the flow I created long time ago to build a volumebutton for my chromecast

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Hello @Arie_Laxed
it is possible to add a Solar-VD which is shows on top of the energy screen.
But I haven’t found a smart meter VD. Only default energy/power sensors, which are shows as devices.

Is it possible to add a new device type “smart meter” with option “cumulative”: true to add a virtual smart meter which is shows on top of the energy screen showing the overall usage of the house?


it is possible also for the energy meter? I set up my smartmeter with mqtt as a VD energy meter.

I’m not sure what you mean, but a measure_power VD is available

In Dutch, “Vermogen” = Power (current power usage)
(Don’t use “Energiemeter” = Power meter (total power) for this)

Virtual Device:


Hi, sure, but it is only one consumer (like plugs) which are shown im the energy screen in their zone.
A smartmeter would be shown on top.

Really like this app and use is allot. Now I’m running to an issue (I want something that isn’t possible).

Let’s say I making a virtual sensor. And use power (kWh) and I want to have more than one inside this. Is there a possibility to get more than 1 of the same inside a device?

It’s something like this (power by the hour)

< group > app



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Hello everybody,

I would like to update the alarm_contact capability of a virtual sensor using homeyScript (I basically call an API that returns if door is open or closed and I want to update the open/closed status) but as stated in a previous post it’s blocked somehow by the Virtual Device app (capabilities are not settable).

Did anyone manage to do such thing ? any advice .


Maybe if you describe in a broader way what you want to do, it’s easyer to help you?

Is it possible to add the option on/off to device class sensor?
With that option I can combine virtual light switches with luminance. Now I have to create one virtual device for both.


Not sure where you want to go, but this way I combine an OnOff switch and luminance in one device

I have seen this option but it does not work for what I want.

What I want is a virtual light switch that measures the luminance of a sensor that triggers that light switch when the luminance is blow a certain level.

I just added now a virtual device with device class light like you mentioned. When I create a flow like I have done multiple times for virtual sensors for setting a value for a virtual sensor It doesn’t work.

luminance(helderheid) of my aqara sensor.

I also can’t choose a status indicator for this device. Not adjustable.

Ah, now I see what you’d like.
A sensor, in this case Luminance, and its device tile should be capable to switch on / off by pressing it.
A virtual light device, with a pre-selectable sensor function in it, so you could feed a Luminance value to it.
Only Arjan can say if this is even possible.