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@spajder_ua any value other than xx.0 or xx.5 will result in ‘Invalid Step’

Thanks, I think I got it now :slight_smile: How do I round of the output i a good way? Your example are in Dutch, and my Dutch is not so good :slight_smile:

Allrightie then.

  1. First create a numeric logics variable, and call it f.i. TempRoundedTo.5
  2. In your flow, add an action card, pick Logics and then “Calculate a value”
    2a. From the top white bar, select your created numeric var TempRoundedTo.5
    2b. Enter this calculation in the white bar below that: {{round((<TemperatureTagFromSensor>*2)/2)}}
    2c. So, compare it with my card below: my logics var (from point 1.) is called virt_temp_koelkast
    The tag <Temperatuur> is a selected local tag from the sensor, whicht triggers the flow
    You can pick this tag by selecting the little card icon on the right.

3. Now for the virtual thermometer, pick the “set a temperature” card, and select the tag you used at point 1.

Thank you.

This worked as well :slight_smile:


Cool, didn’t know one can do math in these cards. How did you find out?

:mag: math Available math functions

Thanks, I’m aware of that. But as I wrote, I did not know one can do math calculations outside of Logic “Calculate a value” cards

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I saw it on a flow from somebody else that had this on it and I tested it myself and it worked :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know that too.

I test it also with a text variable of the notification card to check out if it works with a text variable in every card. Works, which means that it is a common feature in every card with a text variable and we don’t need to use a extra logic variable at all anymore for usecases like this.

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I’ve an issue with the format() function.
It seems to work ‘everywhere’, except for (Better)Logic ‘Calculate a value’ cards.
This function adds a .0 to numbers (I’d like 100,5 and 100,0 to be displayed, not 100,5 and 100)

@Arie_Laxed Hi Arjan, is it possible to add measure_ph as sensor value? Thanks in advance.

Just curious, what kind of sensor are you using for this? Inside the fridge it can be quite damp / humid

I personally use the Zigbee Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor for this. Has been working fine for months.

I have that exact one, but read some articles here and on reddit from users that had issues (and some people say it works fine as well). Did you vacuum seal it or just put it in there?

Anyone have experience with putting one in a freezer? (read some posts here about that not being a good idea :stuck_out_tongue: or is that just bad luck and it’s working fine for others)

Both are working fine over here, i did not seal them.

I have a ice cream box freezer, running with Aqara temp sensor too, without any seal running fine since Feb :grinning:. See below chart:

Without sealing. It just sticks to the inside wall of the refrigerator.

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Nice, I just put one in the fridge still not 100% sure about the freezer, also because low temperatures drain the battery very quickly i would think?

My Aqara is running a year in the freezer. No problem with battery.
Only problem with the Aqaras I had outside if it`s cold and rainy and humidity near to 100%. Then the cold battery is collecting some condensation water.

Standard Aqara temp/humid sensors :wink:
While it is a humid sensor, it should be able to function in a damp/humid surrounding. Some guys have 'em hanging right over the showerhead, and I got one right under the cooker hood. Working for months now :wink:
And don’t put plastic bags around them, while they cannot measure the humidity then (it can’t hurt if you only care about the temp measuring)

And yes, batteries in a freezer are draining a little faster.