[App][Pro] Virtual Devices

It should be possible in both ways. I‘ll try it later

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I can confirm that it works with different min/max values. But just with 0.5 steps

wow, did you actually solve it? HOW ???

I can live with 0.5 degrees difference

That‘s not a real solution, just a workaround.
The Dev set these tresholds for a good reason.

Normally this device should be used as thermostat and when you set strange values (negative is one of that strange values) you‘ll have problems controlling real Thermostats, since the size of the steering wheel remains the same:)

But how did you do it? :slight_smile:

Use at your own risk. I don’t take any responsibility.
If you’re not familiar with such stuff, don’t do it!!

And here’s the Homeyscript Code, which rounds the temperature value to the next 0.5 and passes it to a device of your choice.

seems spooky…
If done something wrong in there, would a reset of homey restore the error?

The rounding of temperatures, could you also make that smaller then 0.5 ?

I just checked the code.
The class in the Virtual Device app seems always “other”.
And it’s possible to redefine athoms default classes.

If you have such questions, then please don’t try it.

A boy needs to grow up and be a man some day.

Will it be restored after a reset?
My guess is yes.

Reading now how to use homeyscript

The first change/insert has to be done in the following file, NOT in homeyscript:-)

Thank you for this :smiley:

Thanks very much for this information and test, this is very helpful for me :+1:

Definitely not the case, just checked one of my virtual sensors, that definitely has the class “sensor”, not other, a lot can be done during pairing of a device:

Property Value
ID 9a934819-caad-4666-889d-5932f05f3bc0
Class sensor
Driver homey:app:com.arjankranenburg.virtual — virtual_switch

But you can also lower the step by defining the “step” in the capabilitiesOptions (like the min/max).

Here‘s the solution without Homeyscript for the rounding of the temperature values:

2020-12-01 flow updated/optimized:


Let’s start off by saying this app is very helpful!

Still there is a thing I run in to:

I added a virtual sensor, which functions as a power meter. I would like to be able to stop the power consumption from showing up in the total power consumption which is showed in the app.

For instance the HomeWizard Energy app made by Jeroen Tebbens has an option to not show the consumption in the totals. Could this option maybe be added to the VD app?

I have a power measure related question too:

My ventilation is switched by a Shelly relay. Since Shelly can not measure power used by the ventilation (power is drawn from a third powerline), I would like to use a virtual device for hving it shown up in Homey Energy.
(Since the Shelly has power metering capabilities, I cannot “overrule” this by manually entering values for on/off)
If I am correct, this should be possible from VD app v.0.9.0 onwards.

So what I did was:
Create a Virtual Device with (only) power measure capabilities.
Then I made the following flow to write the power value (I read that off my smart meter) to the virtual device when the ventilation was turned on.

Unfortunately, nothing is being written to the VD and the VD is not showing up in Homey Energy too…

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe it also needs the on/off capability?

Tried that, but no luck unfortunately

Set value=measure_power.


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