[App][Pro] Virtual Devices

Not correct, because how should the virtuel device should know the tempature is changed of your normal sensor? As the when part is your trigger? You need to set the virtuel device with any data.

So like. When temp changed(your sensor) then set virtuel device.

After that, you can make another flow with vd is changed… then…

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Thanks, got the logic
Somehow it doesnt work, no update of my vd value

You did took the right tag (you need the local one) when choosing the tag the local is above in the list.

And what does it when you using the test option in your flow? it replace the trigger part, so fill in any value and push test. Does it work then?

Overnight it seems this stabilized and this morning the test was positive, giving me a temperature
i guess i am a bit deceived to see the VD showing temperature only when clicking on it, i guess i was hoping for more from the description, having the temp show directly on the tile



A Virtual Sensor is a bit contradictory, but nevertheless users wanted to view a value in a device , e.g. the actual room temperature in a Thermostat. "

Thats something you have to ask the devolper to add in into the app i guess

Perhaps you could use Homeydash, that can display these values directly, no VD nessesary:

---- edit, removed wrong link-----

Plz be aware that Homeydash.com is different from the homeydash app in the store!

@Arie_Laxed published a new version (as beta) where the ‘alarm_motion’ and ‘alarm_contact’ capabilities can now be selected when the ‘sensor’ class is choosen. This means that a Virtual Device that has any of these capabilities will now show an indicator in the Homey app when the capability is activated.

And good news for the German Homey users, @PhilS translated the app to German.


Hello… I’ve a Sonoff with DHT22 Sensor for measure temperature and umidity in the external home.
It send the value in a raspberry broker mqtt and the value every 30 second and the value in the broker is the same:

21:34:43 MQT: tele/sonoff/SENSOR = {“Time”:“2019-09-09T21:34:43”,“SI7021”:{“Temperature”:25.5,“Humidity”:40.3},“TempUnit”:“C”}

I’ve create a virtual device for Temp and Humidity. I’ve install MQTT Client in Homey and i want to read the mqtt value of the sensor and set it in the VD.

I’ve crate a flow with WHEN “message received from topic tele/sonoff/SENSOR” THAN “set a virtual sensor value” Temperature Temperature.

But it doesn’t work for me…

Can you help me, please?


You must use:

set a virtual sensor value:
measure_temperature (temperatura) (tag)

@ Arie_Laxed


I need some help, i create a VD to control 2 xiaomi aqara bulbs (dimmable and 2700-6500k). I created it with all light capabilities.

But when creating flows, the temperature action card does not appear, so I can only change the dim but not the temperature. (in when column)

How can i solve this? Any way to add this action card?



Sorry, I think I don’t understand. Don’t work.

I’ve set this:

And this is the log of mqtt client:

Thank you so mutch

Thank you Edoardo, before the previously topic i’ve Test this configuration, but don’t work for me.

This is my setting, identically your.
In the second setting, i’ve use The tag “temperatura” in the DHT22 line.

I don’t understand why don’t work for me.

Thanks for your help.

What happens if you test the flow?

Edit: You must enter in the virtual thermostat to see the value.

Edit 2: your device DHT22 is not reporting temperature values, is your virtual device. You must select a real device reporting temperature (your sonoff device tag).

Edit 3: I read you use a mqqt topic. Try using better logic:

Flow 1

when: receive topic triggers >>Then: set number variable (create a variable for this value)

Flow 2

When: a variable changed >> Then: set a virtual sensor value, measure_temperature and the tag of better logic you set before.

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Maybe a stupid question, but what is the difference between the normal cards and the ‘modus’ cards? This is not a multi-modus device.


Using this app, I’ve succesfully made virtual sensors displaying (daily) electricity consumption on HomeyDash, by extracting values from my DSMR-reader (Pi connected to smart meter) using http GET requests.

However, I’m stuck trying to display gas usage and/or daily costs as there seem to be no virtual sensor capabilities for this? There is a Homey capability “meter_gas”, could this be added to virtual sensors? I don’t see a capability for displaying costs, but maybe there is some work around possible?

Hi Arjan.
Like the app but find setting values for virtual sensors in the flows quite illogical.

While setting the value for a virtual sensor I am asked for the name of the “Sensor”. There is no guide in the app informing me that this field is to be in text and it should correspond to the capability choosen when creating the virtual sensor. There is also a tag icon to the right making this even more confusing.

Would be great if you could add info below the field explaining what to enter.

// Johan


Is there anyway to change wind unit to m/s instead of km/h ?

I don’t know if it’s possible, but I guess it’s not possible.
But, why you want use m/s instead of km/h?
km/h is more accurate (Factor 3,6)