[APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App

Can you add zigbee Temp and humidity sensor tz3000_ts0201 please.
Best regards,Jacques.

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When you will check Aqara devices app thread, you will find out, that developer went offline already for some time as well. Not sure if it’s just summer time or there is another reason behind ;-(

Hi @johan_bendz I bought these tuya zigbee 3.0 wall plugs: Tuya Smart Zigbee 3.0 Stekker 16A Eu Outlet 3680W Meter Afstandsbediening Werk Met Tuya Hub Zigbee2mqtt En thuis Assistent|Building Automation| - AliExpress

According to the description they have power monitoring.

When adding them to Homey your app (v0.2.2) does not recognize it, so Homey adds it as generic unknown zigbee switch. The manufacturer name is reported as _TZ3000_gjnozsaz and product ID is TS011F

Could you add support for this switch? Is there anything you need for me to do for that?

Could you please add these codes:
A 4 gang wall remote _TZ3000_wkai4ga5 / Product ID TS0044
Also a Door sensor _TZ3000_bzxloft / Product ID TS0203
and a Water Leak Detection _TZ3000_85czd6fy / Product ID TS0207

thanks in advance

And while you are at it @johan_bendz pls also add:
Door sensor _TZ3000_oxslv1c9 / product ID TS0203


@johan_bendz : I created a pull request on Github: v0.2.3 Added door sensors and smartplug. Updated zigbee drivers by gruijter · Pull Request #205 · JohanBendz/com.tuya.zigbee · GitHub

I added:
door sensor _TZ3000_oxslv1c9 / TS0203.
door sensor _TZ3000_bzxloft / TS0203 (@Toooke especially for you!)
smart plug _TZ3000_gjnozsaz / TS011F.
Updated homey zigbeedriver@1.6.11 and zigbee-clusters @1.5.1.
Set Debug mode off.

For people who cannot wait for Johan to integrate this pull request, if you know how to load an app from github, you can get version 0.2.3 from my own github page: GitHub - gruijter/com.tuya.zigbee at SDK3


Thanks, but how do I update the drivers? Sorry I’m new at homey Pro

It’s quite technical, but here is a tutorial: [HOW TO] CLI install method

O ok en when would they in de experimental app when I wait ?

That is up to Johan. He is the owner of the app.

I’m new to this community and system, so please forgive misunderstandings etc. I honestly thought setting things up would be more straightforward. My main goal is connecting climatic sensors and smart sockets to control ventilation and heating, but some security and light fearures would be a bonus.

1.I managed connecting nedis door sensors and temp-humidity sensors in tuya zigbee app. But lightbulbs, smart sockets and smoke-sensors won’t appear. Lightbulbs appear in the nedis smart life app in android, but sockets and smoke detector won’t appear there either.

  1. I understand homey pro allows up to 15 directly connected units. How can i avoid filling these slots? I have a nedis bridge/gateway unit, can I use this to avoid the problem?

Best regards