[APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App

Strange… this is my door/window sensor with the same code right now:

Yes very strange :slight_smile:

After instal the sensor i got this .
Also tested to change the zigbee channel with the sam result …
sensor3 sensor4

Johan, merry Christmas. Any news on TUYA cluster implementation?

Same here with both the lidl motion sensor as door sensor. Tried rebooting and restarting the app, and waiting overnight. It initializes fine, and battery communication parameter seems fine. Just no values (null) for motion, tamper or door alarm. Using latest homey firmware (v5 latest rc). Didnt work past few days with earlier versions either.
@johan_bendz do you need a diag report link?

I am new to this and I dont understand what to do. I have the same homey 5.xxx

Try this. <<This is a link, u can click it!

Thank you😀

Skickat från min Galaxy

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An in-wall dimmer with power monitoring capability!

With and without neutral, they have a bypass for ~10 euros and the unit itself is ~21 euro. Interesting.

Just wanted to let you know - after update of your app few days ago it found the 3 socket power strip. I haven’t done anything else with the Homey. However the 1 socket power strip is still recognized as Basic Zigbee Device only.
As for RGB GU10 spotligh, I am aware of the limitations, however these lights tend to disconnect from Zigbee network by themselves. This happens about once a week. Now even after resetting them, they do not enter pairing mode (blinking) and still not found in the app. I’ll give it a little time and try again, possibly returning them if they keep doing this.
And third - I tried to install the Lidl app, but gor message “An unknown error has occured [incomplatible_app_version]”. I have last 5.0.0.-rc.50.
Thanks for the hard work and hope you all enjoyed Christmas!

Just read 4 posts up and there is ur answer.

Guess I will add to this discussion. I also have the lidl door window sensor, but it will not report tamper and/or contact values.

Last known value is always unknown and it does not work in any flow.

Good afternoon @johan_bendz , after 24 hours one of the 3 sensors started working ?
now i have 1 working on the lidl app 1 not working in the lidl app en 1 not working instalt on the Tuya zigbee app …

Strange? I can not control the effects and the speed. Is that only a problem that i have?

Does anyone use a Tuya aroma diffuser in Homey?
If so, which one is working in Homey/this app?

Can’t find it in the listed supported items…
So, probably nobody is using “…a Tuya aroma diffuser in Homey…”

Control of effects and speed (and color) is only available in flows, is this where you are unable to control the lights?

Hi Pavel, it’s partly implemented and I have started to look into adding the different devices that use it.

I didn’t now this. I was speaking about the “normal” control funtions.
I wil try it with the flows

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Thx, I checked that list of course. :slight_smile:
But since it seems relatively easy to add devices to Tuya (app) I was wondering if someone succesfully connected one, even if it was only for on/off…