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I think the email must be written in lower case. Can you check that you use just lower case for the email ?

That seems to be the problem . Sorry for that. Now it seems to work properly . /magnus

Den mån 23 aug. 2021 07:33Bjørnar Almli via Homey Community Forum <athom@discoursemail.com> skrev:

V. 1.3.0 ready for testing:


  • Added capability, condition and action card for ‘ECO mode’.
  • Removed ‘Off’ as fan mode.

Is the app compatible with systemair save connect IAM ( SAVE CONNECT - Tilbehør boligaggregater - Systemair)?


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Excellent app so far! :slight_smile:

I wonder if it is possible to read power consumption of the system?


I don’t think power consumption is available. Ref. Home Solutions by Systemair

But I’ve been thinking about calculating an estimate for the power consumption, based on heating on/off and the speed of the supply and extract fans. Not sure how exact it would be

Is it possible to get energy consumption in the app?

Look one answer up :point_up_2:

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I see. Thanks for info though. Probably easier to install some relay to measure exact consumption then.


Do you plan to support Homey Bridge as well?


I see there are option to set constant power consumption, but No option if the heat element is turned on or off. The air unit has pretty constant power when fans are running, and if /if not the heater element is on/off.
May it be possible in future updates in the app with the feature to manual set the constant power consumption whenever the heat element is active or not? (same as for some floor termostats, dimmers, tv’s etc in homey).

Systemair have updated their app. Now we can’t get your app to work, will you please look into it?

OK, thanks for letting me know!

@Atle_Kristoffersen Are you able to login in to the Systemair app from this link?

I’m not able to log in anymore

I am able to log in above, but only after creating a new account. I really hope it is possible to fix this app as it has worked great!


Systemair has changed their app and security, so I can’t promise anything.

BTW, I don’t work for Systemair.

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I understand. Thanks for all your effort :pray: