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[APP][Pro] SwitchBot (version 0.3.20 live, 0.4.2 test)

@Adrian_Rockall can you maybe tell me why this flow does not work?

The IF (en) statement is met, also log is written but the humifidier itself is not running, when i open the log in the switchbot app then i see the following (see screenshot nov 23 8:00u).

The strange thing is i have 2 flows (other one: Shared Flow | Homey) to start the device and both do not work properly, all ‘if’ statements are met and still the device does not go on. (light is still off on device, normally i is on when running), what is this level at 0%?
When i start it using the switchbot app itself it works fine.

Also in Homey the device state is ‘ON’, so a second flow which only starts when the device is ‘OFF’ will not trigger.

I try to get a decent flow which turns the device on when someone is at home (specific zone and specific logic values are or get active) but can’t get it to work properly…
You have a tips?

I will have a look this evening but it looks like it might be a bug as I think that 0% should be 50%.
Does it work if you set it manually via the Homey app?

I have found the problem and will fix it and publish an update this evening.

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Update is in the store (0.4.2 test)

I dont have that many apps. I have 4 installed.
Nothing else to do then? It will just keen on crashing?

I really don’t know what to suggest. There is nothing strange showing up and I haven’t seen that problem before so I have no prior knowledge to call on.
When it crashes next time, can you try to make a diagnostic report using the Homey Developer Tools. That will go to Athom so they can see what is causing the problem. Obviously it may not work from there either.
Also keep monitoring the app memory to see if it is constantly climbing.

Okay, so I should do that and then report it also to Athom and create a case with them?

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Another dev has suggest to try a different PSU. Homey has a history of failing because the PSU’s degrade.
I wonder if the extra load caused by polling the BLE chip is enough to cause a problem if it is on the edge.
Make sure the new PSU is able to supply at least 2 amps.

Sorry, what do you mean about PSU? I read Power supply but that`s maybe wrong?

Correct (Power Supply Unit), sorry for abbreviating it, so the USB power adapter.

Okay, so you suggest I buy a new one? any req?

If you have a spare phone charger about then you might be able to try that.

The only requirements are USB power supply/charger rated at 2 amps or more.

Isn`t 2A a lot? most of mine have 1,8. etc so then I have to buy a new one.

Homey probably won’t work well with anything less than 2 amp.
Most of my phone charges are more than 2 amp as they are fast chargers.
The main problem is most chargers are not intended for constant use so I find they only lasted just over a year as Homey does work them hard.

To try if it solves the problem, you can use this, but for continued use, you better take a 2A version.

The problem is a 1,8 amp power supply might collapse when Homey draws its peak current, causing Homey to reboot or lock up and that is what he is trying to eliminate.

Fun part is: 2,5 A is also good, or 3A. The device ( Homey in this case) uses what it needs.
Less then 2A is not good when the device needs 2A to work properly.

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thx, works perfect now!

I just received my two Switchbot curtains. They work on my mobile phone with BLE connection. Now I want to connect them to my homey. And just to be sure; do you need the ARDUIO board? Because I figured I would just be able to use the Homey with it’s BLE connection.

Reason I’m asking is, even when the Switchbot is lying next to the Homey, it still cannot find the switchbot. I’m pressing the button for 2 secs and the led begings flashing. Homey cannot find the switchbot.

Right… never mind… just saw the ‘add remote’ button. apperently I should have looked further. Now it gets found.