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[APP][Pro] Support for ONVIF compatible cameras (1.1.32 & test 2.0.2)

Strange. This is mine:

The memory can be quite high due to fetching the images and higher resolution images will possibly use more memory. However it should be a temporary increases while it is transferring.
I will go back through the code to make sure I haven’t made any mistakes in the SDK3 update.

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First of all a big thank you for a great job.

I am currently looking for the perfect camera to control my driveway lighting. I saw that the Reolink “RLC-520” camera was fully functional, but I’m afraid of false positives on motion detection.

The “RLC-520A” version appears to be more efficient at identifying humans and cars but I am not sure if it will be fully functional with the app.

So I wanted to know if anyone had tested the Reolink “RLC-520A” camera.