[APP][Pro] StecaGrid - Get your data from your inverter right into Homey

For the record, copied this feedback from my post in an other thread:

Hi @Kim_Kokholm very nice, I have a coolcept 4200 and immediately tried to test this app.

Why did you put the device url in the app settings and not in device advanced settings? It’s a setting of the device, for instance how to configure 2 inverter’s?
My inverter isn’t found (status code 404), could it be the fact it’s in separate VLAN? Can you handle this? Or doesn’t my inverter have the /measurements.xml? Which types of inverter do you support?
Are you sure you didn’t mix up power in W (=measure_power) (which you’re getting from inverter) and energy in Wh (meter_power) which you are using in the app.
Why only update once in 2 minutes?