[APP][Pro] Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v3.0.35, test v4.0.2)

Same connection issue for me, and Somfy email received.
I use a Connexoon hub with my Homey to control 3 Somfy IO rollers with flows.
I don’t understand all in this post, is there a solution now?
I’ve Somfy 2.1.2 app version in Homey.
Thank you

Which connection issue do you have?

Version 2.1.2 addresses the specific issue mentioned in the Somfy email. The later test versions have more ways to reduce the connection time for most users.

Version 2.1.7 is now in test.

This version adds support for the new devices users have requested but it also increases the Boost interval to 10 seconds.

The new devices are only partially tested as I don’t have them myself to try, so I can only do basic simulations.

If you still have devices that are not supported, send me the devices log and a PM explaining which devices you would like added.
I think I have caught up with all the requests, but the last two weeks have been a bit hectic so if I have missed any then please let me know.


I’ve 401 error login from Homey Somfy app.
How to obtain a test app version?

In version 2.1.2 you could try changing the option for OAuth to see if that helps.
The latest test version automatically tries the different option so (hopefully) find one that works.

The devices you have added seems to be Philips Hue light bulbs and they are already supported with the Philips Hue Zigbee app. Not sure why they are now added into Somfy app? Or am I just confused by the images and text :smile:


Tahoma can host them so they appear in the the Tahoma app. Therefore to get external access I guess they need to be catered for.
Personally I have a Hue bridge and use the Hue app for my Hue devices so I can’t say for sure.

Ah ok, clear. So you won’t need to bother about SDK3. You read them from the tahoma box (somfy server). Good to know :smile:
I doubt the benefit of having those Philips bulbs connected in the tahamo box. Maybe someone could explain that.

Off-topic: I use homey for the Hue light bulbs to extend the zigbee mesh.

Thank you very much ! It works with 2.1.7 test version!

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I keep getting empty device logs through. If someone is having an issue then please get in touch so I can assist you.

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I still have a rather important question, with my numerous Velux windows and their blinds and marquisette plus all my slatted blinds in the house.
What does Somfy and Homey’s future look like?

I must have a solution, to release the blinds with a remote control is one thing, but I have made automation for the veranda for protection against the sun and to regulate the temperature. Impossible to do this by hand!

Do I have another solution, Home Assistant or other? Will the API problem be the same?

HA has two modules for Somfy. One uses the official API but that has very limited device support and is also having problems with regular polling. The other uses the same API as the Homey app.
I am hoping that the changes I have made will satisfy Somfy but we are still in contact with them to clarify what is acceptable.
Unfortunately we will just have to wait for Somfy to make a decision. They can either block about 15000 (combined HA and Homey) users or come to some agreement. If they have any business sense it should be the later but one never can predict these things.


Thanks for the info … yes business savvy, isn’t the big problem that the protocol is very closed? He enjoys a bit of a market monopoly

Hi guys,

Can anyone give me an example of how the queit mode works? I set the status of one velux to quiet, but it was making the same amount of noise when i closed it (by remote, so maybe thats the problem?)

I have never used the setting in the app, but tried quiet operation of my blinds with remote. My experience is that it is marginally less noisy, but also takes more time. I would say it is more annoying since the sound is there for a longer time.

It doesn’t work when you set quiet mode in homey and then use the (non-homey) remote to set the status. Try quiet mode on and then change status inside homey, it should move less fast. Otherwise contact Adrian :slight_smile:

I use quiet mode with roller shutters and the noise is much less. Takes about twice as long to close or open. Ideal for my neighbours, when it’s early in the morning :sleeping:

I also have a hardware device of somfy where I can set quiet mode on/off, but that only works for that device. When I use the normal somfy remote it’s always in normal (fast) mode. Probably quiet mode have a special command signal.

Connexoon also have a feather (discrete/quiet mode) that can be toggled.

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Thanks for the info😉

@rvdeijk Can you use quit mode (feather) for your roller shutters when using the Homey App?
On of my Somfy IO roller shutters has this option on the hardware remote and also in the connexoon app. But not in Homey :sweat_smile:

Yes I can. Maybe you have to re-add the roller shutters and choose the right one:

Then you will have a quiet mode flow card and there is a toggle available at the device page section:

If it doesn’t work, then contact Adrian to help you out. Probably then you have to gather a log, maybe some parameters are different.

Thanks for the info. I simply assumed it wasn’t supported…
…but I’ll try re-adding them :+1:

Update: that worked, I can now also use the quite-mode. Time to update my flows, I guess :slight_smile:

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