[APP][Pro] Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v3.0.35, test v4.0.0)

Therefore “theoretically”. Just being “sarcastic” (about Somfy of course).

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Are other platform users (Home Assistant, Fibaro / Homee et cetera) also been notified / affected?

I’m not sure. I haven’t had time to search the web yet to see if others have reported it.

Yes home assistant users for sure, they even refer to this forum as well and I saw a github url.

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Hi ! I’m the maintener of the Somfy component for Home Assistant. This last uses the official API (with oauth). And even here some users receive this famous email. The component only perform one call every 30 seconds to update all the devices and this is not the setup entry point.

I plan to contact their support tomorrow to understand the situation. Usually they answer me pretty quickly.

@Adrian_Rockall if you want I can add you in Cc if you are OK to share by PM your mail.

If you Know also mainteners of other Somfy integration with the same issue, I will be glad to add them.


I have published a new test version (2.0.7). This no longer uses the /setup endpoint except when adding devices as mentioned in the email from Somfy.

Now each device will request just it’s own states. Let’s hope this satisfies Somfy.

I would appreciate any testing of this version as i can only test the devices that I own.

I will test it today, I hope it indeed satisfies Somfy, but when I read the post of tetienne (maintainer of the Somfy component for home assistant), then it seems people received the email while they didn’t use the setup entry point regularly (like Homey did):

I hope you guys receive some explanation from Somfy and maybe can work together if needed.


I tested 2.0.7 and my IO roller shutters (with quiet mode) work fine. Set position / set state / tile button toggle / with quiet mode on & off / flows

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I have passed on my email address to tetienne so hopefully he will get a positive answer from Somfy.


Does the app knows if there is a trigger enabled in the app? I don’t use any of that, so polling is not necessary for me. I just tell my rollers that they must open or close.

You could set the polling time to be very high. It will still send commands but not update the status.
I will look into adding an option to switch polling off and just refresh a little while after send a command.

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I just created a flow thats sends a notification to my phone when the status is ‘omlaag’, but I don’t receive any notification, so is this polling working for somebody?

@Adrian_Rockall thank you for developing the app! I have horizontal “blinds” in my backyard (https://www.brustor.com/nl-nl/terrasoverkappingen/brustor-b200-xl-terrasoverkapping), which I can’t control via the app. I have a workaround to create scenes on my Connexoon, which I can activate with Homey. But it would be nice to set a variable between 0 and 1. I’ve sent you the log file via the Homey app. Please let me know if I can help you!

I updated to v2.0.7 and all my flows to control my 3 Velux roof windows (dakraam plat dak) and the 3 Velux sun curtains gave an error in the action card.

However, a second try…and all worked again! So, test twice!

Is this expected behaviour with the update?

How do I update my app to the test version? I have 16 velux electric windows, all with auto blinds , plus 13 normal window blinds , therefore I can test all these which is hopefully helpful to everyone.

I also controll my shutters and horizontal sun screen by using scenes in the tahoma box. This way I know for sure how far my shutters are closed. In the homey app this must be done by a timer -> close shutter -> stop after 7 seconds. But the communication is thru somfy’s cloud, so timing is not guaranteed.

But then still the app keeps polling :slight_smile:

If you’re shutters are io then you should be able to set the position.

I have the Connexoon, which is far less advanced I assume than the Tahoma. Besides that, I’ve asked Somfy a couple of times now why there isn’t a local api. Everything depends on their servers, and I’ve experienced some downtime in the last year from their side. I’m still waiting for their answer, which says a lot I guess…

@Adrian_Rockall If your reply is to me, yes, the terrace roof with the blinds is io, but I can’t find them in the app.

Now the polling is 10 seconds. Would it be all alright if I set that to 100 (what is the max for your app?)

I got that same email after I send the logs and all in the app. Maybe it is making to much connections or something. But now nothing works anymore from my Somfy app. My shutters do not work any more either. So Somfy is not aware of this app or what ?