[APP][Pro] Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v3.0.30, test v3.0.30)

I pressed the send log button now, around 21:50

I cant find where to send PM? Maybe new users cant?

Did you get a log on your email?

Yes, I have the log and will have a look soon.

Could there be a problem using space in the name for the screens, and i also have a Norwegians letter Ø i a name. Maybe that messens it up.

I will try change it.

Edit: that didnt change anything.

No, the app doesn’t use the name. There are unique id’s that the app uses.

It’s probably just a device that not supported yet in which case I will add it in.

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The log shows you have “io:AwningValanceIOComponent” motors so you should be able to add them with the “Awning / Pergola (io)” device in the app.

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Thank you so much. Homey found them immediately.

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Having issues adding my Velux blinds again…

I had some issues with my blinds so I had to reset all remotes for the blinds and add them again. I started with adding 1 blind to the Connexoon box, and that worked smoothly:

Nest, I deleted the 3 blinds in the Homey Somfy App. Now I am trying to add them again. Unfortunately I do see the three Velux windows and can add these again (that is not needed) but can’t seem to find the new added blind.

Anyone a clue how to re-add it again?

I am using App v3.0.30

Is this a new blind that has not been in Homey before?
Just wondering if it is a different type that the app doesn’t know about yet.
If it is then can you send me the device log as shown in the first post so I can add it to the app?

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Yes, two new blinds Adiaan. One even has a different color of the housing.

I will send the logs! Thanks.

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I only added one blind to Connexoon yet. So the other two blinds will not be seen. Will try that later today / tomorrow. Bit in a rush

If they are they the same as the one in the log then it’s not a problem.

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It’s working now! I added the 2 remaining screens to Connexoon and they now show in Homey too!

I guess I selected the wrong screens, initially… :neutral_face:

Thanks again for the swift reply and help Adrian!

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I’m sorry for my late reply. After some try, I have delete the remote of my ToHoma an pairing directly of the dimmer (most reactivity for light on/off).

If you’re interested by the log, send me a private message. I can re-appair the device and send log.